New Game Release for VOiD Games

By Matt Weston


Our friends over at VOiD Games have released their first game for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod (3rd generation onwards) which you can find on the Apple App Store.

“Guess The Game” quizzes the player on logos from games across a variety of platforms since video games began.

There are 20 levels within the game, with each level containing 20 logos. If my maths serves me correctly, that makes a mammoth 400 logos available to guess!

So far, I’m stuck on Level 4, with my limited knowledge of video game logos really being tested to the max!

As we’re nice guys, we let VOiD borrow some of our filming equipment for the day to produce their small promo video, which you can see just below here.

Trust us with this – the game is definitely worth a download, so go to the app store or visit the VOiD Games website right now!

We are currently working with VOiD to produce exciting corporate games and apps for iPhone and iPad to help businesses.

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