Motion Graphics

Here at Stone’s Throw Media, we believe that a motion graphics video is a creation where we take illustrated graphics and bring them to life via animation – a technique we frequently use to give our customers as much versatility and flexibility with their videos as possible.

Motion graphics can really make a video – and, by association, your business – really stand out from the crowd!

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We use motion graphics to make our videos as visually stimulating as possible – particularly for creations at trade shows where big, bold animations are always the way forward.

In these busy environments, traditional video productions – even when furnished with audio – just won’t cut the mustard.

Not only that, motion graphics videos are a fantastic way to present information or data via infographics, and are helpful if there is little to film in the way of physical premises or products – for example, animated diagrams are perfect for IT companies who might struggle to explain their services using traditional video.

Embedded below is a taster of some of the motion graphics we have created for projects we have worked on for our clients in the past.

Motion graphics can also explain complex technical projects or processes, and can have a more immediate impact than traditional video – making them ideal for short, sharp adverts, home page videos on a website, or for social media platforms.

In short, motion graphics are perfect for catching your audience’s eye – which is why we love them so much!

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  WE have worked with Stone's Throw Media on an informative animation to explain the UK Quality Code for Higher Education. We found the team extremely helpful throughout the process, from initial concept development to post-production, ensuring that they delivered the best possible video for our requirements.  
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