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Here at Stone’s Throw we think we have a pretty good handle on what it is you, our loyal website viewer, like to see when you pop by and visit our little corner of the internet:

1. Fantastic videos created by our team to help businesses and organisations with their growth

2. Witty and engaging copy penned by the best writer in the Midlands (“Patrick is this right?!” – Matt)

3. Ben’s face on our About page

4. ‘Behind the scenes’ videos from past projects undertaken with our fantastic clients

With apologies to numbers 1-3 on the list, for this blog entry its number 4 we’re focusing on, as we would like to show you a little more about a project we worked on in 2017 – if that’s OK with yourselves, of course!

Based in the beautiful town of Shrewsbury*, Field Studies Council (FSC) is a registered charity committed to helping people of all ages understand and be inspired by the natural environment – a thoroughly decent endeavour in our eyes.

We teamed up with FSC for an initiative of theirs called “Real Family Holidays” – a scheme designed to get families into the countryside for a holiday away from computer screens and other technological distractions.

Want to know more about that project? Of course you do, and fortunately we can help because we’re nice like that – all the details on that one can be found by simply clicking right here!

Whilst they were out filming for that project, our video production team had the good sense to film a little ‘behind the scenes’ content just for you – so here it is below.

Hope you enjoy, and our thanks to Field Studies Council for working with us on a fantastic project!

* We pronounce it both ways here in the STM offices so don’t ask us for clarification


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