Dogs Trust Behind The Scenes Video

If you’ve been paying attention to our social media channels recently, you may have noticed that earlier on in the year we were asked to take on a very special project indeed.

It all began last Christmas time, seven years after the death of Jacob Marley*.

Whilst our Matt and Mike were roasting chestnuts on an open fire**, they were approached by the Dogs Trust – the largest dog welfare charity in the UK – with a rather intriguing request.

Would we be interested in working with the Trust for a video concerning a “dog fostering” scheme the organisation was launching, the guys were asked.

Luckily here at Stone’s Throw we’re a team of dog lovers, so after considering the Trust’s request for roughly 0.7 seconds, we packed our kit up and arranged to hit the road one cold January morning for a day’s filming at its branch in Evesham, Worcestershire.

For more on the Trust’s “dog fostering” scheme, and our video for the project, please do head over to our portfolio piece.

Whilst we were at Evesham however we created a second effort – a special behind the scenes video – which you can find right here.

We’re not usually ones to spoil things in advance of people watching them, but on this occasion we should warn you that this video contains dogs…more dogs….and even more dogs.

Dogs playing. Dogs looking cute. Dogs savaging our Ben. Just wall to wall dogs, quite frankly.

The question is, will Mike succeed in getting one of these dogs home without anyone noticing?

You’ll have to watch our behind the scenes video to find out…

* This might not be strictly true

** This might not be true either, but still – references to Charles Dickens and Nat King Cole in the first three paragraphs, you’re getting value for money here

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