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How to Use Your Video
April 23, 2019   |    Patrick Campbell
In this blog entry we give you a few pointers as to how you can use your video to its absolute maximum. Read on for these and much more!
My Favourite Project (Sarah)
April 12, 2019   |    Patrick Campbell
We asked everyone at STM to share their favourite project to date and why it’s their Number One. Have a read to see why Sarah loves a kit launch video!
What Is a Video Script?
March 27, 2019   |    Patrick Campbell
So, what exactly is a video script? Join us as we answer that question and tell you how to write a really good one right here!
7 Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Video
March 21, 2019   |    Patrick Campbell
In this blog post we're discussing what the 7 key things you should consider before purchasing a video are. Join us for these and much more right here!
Why the West Midlands?
March 12, 2019   |    Matt Weston
Why would a video production company be based in the West Midlands? That's the poser we're tackling in this blog post!
How to Get Views on YouTube!
March 6, 2019   |    Patrick Campbell
“How do I get more views on YouTube?” That’s a good question, so, for this article, we wanted to re-visit the world of YouTube once more to tackle it!
Why is B-Roll So Important?!
February 26, 2019   |    Patrick Campbell
We need to talk about B-Roll! What is it? Why is it important? Join us as we answer those questions in this blog entry right here!
Does Your Video Need Audio?
February 19, 2019   |    Ben Marlow
Do your video productions need audio? That's the very question we're tackling in this blog post! Join us as we reveal what we think right here!
Innovate or Die!
January 29, 2019   |    Patrick Campbell
In recent years, the world of video production has undergone a period of innovation. Let us tell you how right here!
Meet the Team (Gurpreet)
January 21, 2019   |    Patrick Campbell
Join us for the eighth instalment of our 'Meet the Team' blog posts, where we meet our video production team. This time it's our Animation Assassin, Gurpreet!
The Rise of the West Midlands
January 14, 2019   |    Patrick Campbell
In this blog post we list as many positive things going on in the West Midlands (at the time of writing) that we can think of. Join us for those and much more!
Video Brochures
December 14, 2018   |    Patrick Campbell
Ever wondered what the heck video brochures are? If so - you're in luck! Join us right here as we tell you all you need to know!
Videos on Google My Business
December 3, 2018   |    Patrick Campbell
You can upload videos onto your Google My Business listing – and we think it’s a really good idea to do so! Join us here to find out how!
Great Political Videos
November 14, 2018   |    Patrick Campbell
Politicians do have one thing going for them – they understand how effective video can be for them. Join us here for seven great political videos!
Terrible Corporate Videos
November 1, 2018   |    Patrick Campbell
It's a sad fact that some corporate videos are better than others. Join us here for six truly terrible corporate videos that will get your toes curling!
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