7 Videos That Can Inspire Corporate Videos

For those of you in the wide-awake club, you’re probably aware that in previous blog entries we’ve been investigating the world of corporate videos – both good ones and bad ones!

Hopefully you’ve had a peruse (great word) of both of those posts, and agree with our conclusions as to what makes a good/bad corporate video

So, what now? Well, maybe you’ve decided that you now want a corporate video of your own, but don’t really know where to start. It’s a common problem, but thankfully help is at hand.

In this blog entry, we’ve hand-picked seven* videos, made by others, which we believe can inspire the creation of corporate video

They’re not corporate videos themselves – they just have aspects which you can get inspiration from for your corporate video. 

Look, it will become clearer as we go on, stick with us!


This 360 video was created to promote the BBC’s “Ambulance” programme – a 2017 documentary series about our nation’s ambulance services and the heroes who work for them.

For an institution which has been criticised for being “fusty”, the use of this innovative mode of video production did take many by surprise. 

We think it works really well however, and provides the viewer with a really immersive experience. 

Could your corporate video be innovative and different to the norm like this one is?


We love a good drone video here at Stone’s Throw, and this one is certainly that. 

As beautiful as this one is to look at however, it can provide inspiration for a corporate video too. Focus on the shots between 0:43-1:22 for example, and how it shows the two buildings from the air.

Could your corporate video be one which showcases your business premises from a previously unobtainable angle?!

University of Hull

It feels like every time we watch this video it hits us with a different technique. 

There’s the pacing and tone of the narration, the gorgeous panoramic shots, and – our particular favourite aspect – the tempo of the background music. 

Feel your heart beating a little quicker as this video progresses? Yep, so do we! 

Could your corporate video emotionally invest viewers as much as this one does?

University of Michigan

Sometimes the best ideas in life are, much like our Mike, the most simple – and how’s this for a simple idea?

Yes, this really is a video constructed around a single letter, but it’s so well done it became one of our favourites the second we watched it for the first time.

Created by the University of Michigan to show its incoming Class of 2016 what the letter M means to them, this one is a masterpiece in alignment.

Could your corporate video be based around a letter that means something to your organisation?

Tech Insider

Trying to understand the depth of the ocean can be hard to fathom (see what we did there?) and we know from experience that explaining something which is hard to get your head around can be tricky.

By being the perfect combination of visually stimulating and educational however, this one tackles the “how deep is the ocean” question in a really accessible and enjoyable way. Turns out it’s really, really deep. Who knew?

Could your corporate video be an animation designed to explain a complex idea to an external audience?

NYC Gifathon

Animator James Curran created this fascinating effort inspired by his month long stay in the “Big Apple” itself, New York City.

James created a new GIF every day, for 30 days, based upon his experiences in the city, before joining them together to make this “NYC Gifathon”.

This one is smart, really cool to watch, and utilises an animation form we’d love to see more of!

Could your corporate video be formed of a technique very rarely seen elsewhere?

How Do Tides Work?

We conclude with a similar video to the “how deep is the ocean” video above, with this one looking at the crazy world of tides.

Whereas the video above tackled a complex issue with animation and a voice-over, this one uses a handful of graphics and, more prominently, an engaging on-screen speaker.

Could your corporate video use a lively speaker to explain a concept you want to disseminate to your customers or other businesses?

So there we have it – seven videos which we think can really inspire the creation of a corporate video.

Agree? Disagree? Have others to suggest? Why not drop us a line via our social media channels and let us know?

* No real reason why, we just like the number

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