Great animated videos for businesses

Animated videos for business can be a great way to connect with audiences in a new way and deliver the message of what you offer in a clear, concise way. 

The very nature of animations means that they are pleasing to the eye and can engage people in a different way.

In this edition of the STM blog, we will look at some of the best animated videos for businesses.


The first animated video for business is by Slack. We’ve got a bit of a soft spot for slack here at STM, as it makes our working life far easier (and means that we don’t have to talk to each other). It’s a workplace messaging system and the animation is a perfect visual representation of life before and after Slack. 

It’s done in a way that would be difficult to replicate with real people, but through the use of sound and visuals is able to portray exactly what it means. 

AirBnb – Many, many thank you’s

So simple, yet so immersible.

With the right choice of music and friendly graphics, the celebration of 500 million visitors to AirBnB properties provides an emotional thank you to everyone who has visited, and behaved in, a host’s house. 

It feels like the voiceover says so much, but the video is only 56 seconds long; a perfect example of animated videos for business conveying a message in a concise way. 

Google Doodle – Valentine’s Day

There are endless Google doodles to choose from, but who doesn’t love a Valentine’s story?

As well as engaging viewers, it very subtly shows off Google’s search and shopping functionality. 

Apple – Carbon Neutral

Again, subtle things make all the difference. Simple green colouring throughout the animated video means it stays true to the idea of being carbon neutral, or ‘green’. 

There’s even a little bit of real life footage in there when talking about manufacturers to reinforce the video and make sure you know the messaging is for real. 

It’s a fast paced video that, like Google, seems to last longer than 75 seconds. 

Microsoft – Reimagining Mobile Experiences

Not just here after an Apple video to stir the rivalry pot, it’s just showing how animated videos for business can change perceptions.

Microsoft phones don’t necessarily have a reputation as a king of the jungle, but this animation shows the imagination process and what will be going into a Microsoft phone. 

All of the things that make, and have made, Microsoft so great will be included as features and be easily accessible. 

By showing this in an animation, rather than writing a massive piece or a couple of pictures, the consumer immediately gets a far better understanding.

There we have it. Five great animated videos for businesses. 

Maybe there are some ideas in there that you might be transferable to you, or some creative sparks have been lit.

We hope you enjoyed and if you have any questions about animated videos for businesses, please feel free to get in touch with us through our contact page

Thanks for reading!

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