What happens when I've booked drone filming, but the weather is bad?

Drone filming can make for some excellent footage, showing what you want to film from a completely new angle that no one has seen nor will see (unless their name is Peter Crouch).

There are a number of things to consider with drone filming, including where you actually can or can’t film.

In this blog, we’ll take a look at what happens if you’ve got a drone filming session booked, but it’s raining out.


It’s actually pretty dangerous to do drone filming in bad weather, because there’s a lot

of technical equipment, rain water can get on the lens, which can spoil the shot and strong winds can leave you in some serious bother


Usually when it is raining, you get a small window of opportunity and it doesn’t rain all day.

Anyone British can attest to the fact that days like that can happen and, if it does, there’s not a lot we can do about it apart from rescheduling.

We can also look at other options; maybe do a little bit more filming on the ground, or try and get the shot we want in a different way.

We’re always checking the weather, we’re always making sure that we try and get the shot, and we always will get the shot, if we have the window of opportunity.

But if we can’t, we can’t. There’s always other days! 

It’s a fairly short answer to a pretty common question, but the video above is worth watching for Mike’s Singing in the Rain tribute at the end if nothing else! 

And that’s what we do if it rains.

If you’ve got any questions about drone filming, videos in general, or you just fancy a chat, let us know and drop us a line today! 

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