Keeping brand consistency in video

Number one – Use an Ident.

An ident is a short video which plays at the beginning and end of your videos. A well-designed ident can help to create a strong first impression by immediately associating the video with your company, keeping you brand consistency in video.

Your ident should be short and no longer than ten seconds. Most idents consist of a logo fading or animating onto the screen and then holding for a few seconds.

For an extra touch, you could use the same ident at the end of the video but perhaps adding a website or contact details as a call to action.

Number two – lower thirds.

Lower thirds are text overlays that appear at the bottom of your videos and are typically used to introduce a person’s name and position on screen during an interview.

When it comes to adding lower thirds onto your videos, don’t just use the same old standard drag and drop template with the Comic Sans font, be creative and make your own.

Using your brands font, your brands colours and logo you can create a consistent looking name title that is tied to your brand, and remember to save it as a template for the next video 

Number three – Titles.

Titles or any other on screen text are an easy way to keep brand consistency in video, similar to Lower Thirds, make sure you are using your brands, fonts and colours.

Use these elements to help you develop a style that fits your brand and becomes recognisable to your target audience.

There are many examples of good brand consistency, where you can instantly tell the brand just from seeing certain colours and fonts together, insert example here.

Brand Consistency in Video

It’s important to remember that you should be consistent with your branding across all of your marketing materials, not just your videos. This will help to create a strong brand identity that your customers can recognise and recall.

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