Business of the Month, November 2021

Wolverhampton Grand Theatre

At Stone’s Throw Media, we love celebrating the work and achievements of local businesses and celebrating all things Wolverhampton and Black Country. In the second edition of Business of the Month, the budget still won’t stretch to a solid gold plaque, so we’re handing out free website space instead!

We are very happy to announce the winner of the November edition of STM Business of the Month is the Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton’s premier theatre and home of the tiny spooned interval ice cream*.

We know what you’re thinking; you just want Pantomime tickets! Well, we might, but that’s not the point. 

We’re actually very impressed with their use of social media and engagement with their followers! 

They use YouTube to share things like trailers for shows, interviews with cast members and their community engagement programmes. 

Their instagram and facebook pages are awash with promotional material for the shows they have on, balancing all of this is no mean feat!

Their Twitter page is massively engaging and they use it to use their audience’s voice to market their shows. They’re up to 15k followers with good reason! 

Having been back open for a few days short of a year, they have adapted their digital content to meet the needs of this post (is it over?) Covid world. Their theatre tour is our personal favourite. 

A big shout out from Stone’s Throw Media for all the work you have done and continue to do!

*unsubstantiated claim

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