Can I have the animation assets from my video?

Welcome to this blog, where we will be talking about the animation assets from your video. 

Can I have the animation assets from my video?

They look amazing, but can I have a copy of them?

We’re happy to tell you that there is a quick answer; yes, we can provide you with them. You’ll have to check with your current supplier to see if you can have them and checking this before any work has commenced is recommended. 

However, it’s not as quick as simply giving them to you. Things are never that simple are they?

There are a couple of things you need to be aware of before receiving graphic files.

Without getting too technical, there are some processes that need to be undergone to finalise an asset.

Animation requires a lot of layers, pieces and parts to make the magic happen on screen. Using those animated graphics for something else that doesn’t require movement, a static image on a webpage, for example, you’d be much better off with something to drag and drop.

It requires adjusting from our end to get the file to you in a better, more functional way.

Why would I want file assets from an animation?

Well, a good idea is repurposing.

Let’s say you have a statistical animation, like this one, or this one.

You have all of these wonderful stats; why not repurpose them for use as something else? Maybe you could use them on your webpage, maybe in a different video altogether. 

Why not get everything you can from your video and use it for your promotional material?

The sooner the better

If you do intend to ask for the animation assets, letting us know sooner rather than later is really helpful.

The reason for this is so that we can work with a format that would be more beneficial to you from the beginning, rather than making an animation with no intention of passing the files to you, then having to fiddle with it all at the end.

Most of our customers would like for us to take care of the static animation assets as it would be quicker and easier for us, rather than leaving a mess to sort out for themselves.

It’s a similar concept to receiving a load of ingredients with no recipe. Madness!

Mr Copyright

A chap that needs to be considered in this is Mr Copyright. His appearance is on a totally case by case basis, so we would discuss it with you should we need to if the time comes. 

We hope that clears up any questions you might have about animation assets! 

Take a look through our Knowledge Centre and see if there are answers to any of your other video and animation questions! 

If not, contact us today and we will be happy to answer any questions you have!

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