Can we have the video in MP4 format, please?

“Can I have the video in an MP4 format, or can I have it in an AVI format?” These are both common questions that we get asked when we finish a video production project with our customers. “Yes” is the simple answer.

So, you’ve had your shiny new video produced by us (hopefully) and now you want to use it on a number of digital platforms, including YouTube, Vimeo, social media, and any other, areas that you might want to put a video including a PowerPoint presentation. 

Sometimes having the video in a specific file format, whether MP4 format, MOV, WMV or AVI, is necessary to be able to use it successfully on a specific platform. We supply our video files in MP4 format to our customers. This is because it’s the most commonly used format across the web, and allows for a relatively small file size whilst retaining a high quality video. 

We upload our final videos to Vimeo to send to our customers. This comes with a range of options to download at your convenience and also different file sizes for different uses. Another common request we get is for AVI files. These are because they work better with Windows computers especially when embedding videos into PowerPoint presentations. 

So, it doesn’t matter what video file format you need, we will guide you, or your marketing team, in the right direction. Having your video exported into different file formats is fairly straight forward but can make things much easier and save plenty of headaches if they work properly.

If you have any further questions about video file formats, whether they’re right for the purpose, or you need any advice, drop us a line, or contact us on social media.

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