Can you repurpose video content?

At Stone’s Throw we have various customers that ask can you repurpose video content? In short, yes we can. Have a watch of the video above and read on for more information on what we can do with your existing footage!

Firstly we need to look at why you want to repurpose video content to begin with. How are these videos going to be used and what kind of repurposing are we going to do. 

Perhaps there are certain shots that you want to take out – maybe the equipment, the staff, or your facilities have changed. Maybe you want to change the logos at the start and end of the video. 

There may be someone that we’ve interviewed that doesn’t work at your business anymore. We can certainly change all of this in post-production. It may make sense to re-shoot certain elements.

Access to the project file in video editing software

For best results, we need to access the project file or maybe the raw files. This is really beneficial if there is music on the video as it allows us to change the track or tinker with the levels. If we only have the exported version (or the final file) we are limited with what we can and can’t change. 

Repurposing video content on existing projects

It is often beneficial to create different edits of your projects. Often, here at Stone’s Throw Media, we will create 2 or 3 minute main edits for example, but also make 30-second edits, 15-second edits, square versions, vertical versions for various social media platforms and even make images with key text on them. Repurposing video content in this way is a sure fire way to get the most out of your content!

So in summary, yes, we can edit your old videos. This is all dependent on what you provide us with though. So be it the exported final video, the raw files, the project file, this all provides limitations as to what we can do but we can definitely work with your old video. A few tweaks on a video could save you time with reshoots and save you money. 

There you have it! If you’re thinking about repurposing video content that you have, get in touch with a member of the Stone’s Throw team here! There’s more life in your video content than you think! 

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