How to choose a video production company

Finding the right video production company is potentially the key to making consistent video content for the next 10 years.

“What? That’s a big, weird claim” we can hear you saying. 

Well, hear us out and we can unpack that statement for all its worth. 

Finding the right video production company is like finding the right food place when you’re hungry, the right hairdresser, the right pair of shorts for your holiday.

If you get on with a video production company and are happy with what you get in return, the stress of the whole process of finding one in the first place doesn’t need to be repeated. 

If you’re constantly bouncing around and jumping between video production companies, you have to sound them out, see if you like their work, their prices, if you can get on with them professionally, be on the same page creatively and after all of the project talks; finally say that you like the final video. 

Find a video production company you like and it’s like stepping into your most broken down and comfortable slippers. You know each other well and the project process is as smooth as butter. 

But how do I find the right video production company?

The first thing we would suggest looking for when you’re looking at any video production company is their portfolio. 

That’s their bread and butter (second mention of butter so far) that has to be of a standard that you think is top quality. 

Think of Facebook stalking someone you went to school with. Grab a cup of tea and go mental clicking around. Look for quality and more importantly make sure that they’ve got plenty of variety and that they’re making the same types of videos that you want to make.

That’s a great starting point because then you know that they have the capability. 

If they don’t have the type of video you want to make on their portfolio then it might be an idea to see if they’re approachable and open to trying different types of projects. 

The next thing to check is that the person you talk to from the video production company will turn up to your shoots, or you’re able to get in direct contact with them. Why? So you can talk through ideas, logistics, where to park, lunch arrangements or whatever it may be. It’s just a really useful thing to do in order to settle everyone’s minds before the shoot. 

Here at Stone’s Throw Media, we make sure that you get in touch with not only the person who’s organising all the different shoots, but you’ve also got a chance to speak to the person that might turn up to the shoot so you can talk to them directly before they even arrive. 

Now, some other companies might use freelancers, but they might be regular freelancers. 

The final piece of advice in choosing a video production company is to have a meeting with them in person, or over Zoom or Teams or FaceTime or Skype or whatever, just to see how you get on. 

You might be working with this person or people for a month. Videos don’t just happen overnight. So you’ve got to make sure that you get on well and that you feel like you can come to a decision easily. Is the chemistry right in the meeting? Are you getting on okay? Sometimes you have to make difficult decisions and life is a lot easier if you all get on.

That’s our advice on how to choose the right video production company for you. 

Good luck, and if you’ve got any questions, feel free to get in touch and ask away!

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