Do you do photography and is it included?

This is a pretty good, and common, question for us. You have big fancy video cameras, why not take pictures too? Surely photography is part and parcel?

It’s important to remember that first and foremost we are a video production company, and we’re not necessarily photographers. However, we do have it as an additional service alongside our videos.

So, is photography automatically included within my video project?

Well, it can be. This is something that needs to be discussed during the proposal stage, and it’s something that we don’t automatically add to our projects. However, a lot of clients say to us something along the lines of “We would like some behind-the-scenes photos” or “We want to capture this one because it’s an event.”

It’s important to highlight this at the proposal stage so that when the video team goes out on the shoot, they’re aware that they need to capture photos as well.

Should I add photography onto my video project?

It’s actually something we recommend. It can really add an extra layer to your overall project and the marketing campaign that you might create from it. Behind the scenes photos and other stills make for great social media posts. 

It’s always good to speak to one of the team and say, “Actually, I’d quite like some behind-the-scenes photos” or “I would like to capture that photo because that person’s gonna be there for one day only”. It might be a visit from the company director, the Queen or Steve Bull; any landmark event worth capturing. 

If photography is a really key part of your project, then we can outsource a professional photographer, like Alex Styles, who knows a lot more about the craft than ourselves. Can we take good photos? Yes. Can we take as many consistently good ones as a professional photographer? No. To take this metaphor to football, a defender might do a great job of stopping goals and even chip in with a couple at the other end, but if you want consistent goals, you should probably get a striker.

To conclude

Photography isn’t automatically included within your video project. However, if it’s something you know that you want from the outset, it’s something we can include and there’s a number of avenues to explore. It’s our job to figure out what the best option is for you. 

If you’re looking into videography and photography, drop us a line today and we’ll be happy to talk you through some of the options. 

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