Estate agent video production - why do you need it?

With more and more young people looking to move into a rented property or get on the property ladder, it’s never been more important that estate agents adapt to the growing trend of organisations using estate agent video production for their own benefit.

Don’t just take our word for this, however!

According to this list of video marketing statistics compiled by the lovely people at Biteable, 81% of businesses use video as a marketing tool here in 2019 – a figure up from 63% the year before. That’s an 18% increase, fact fans!

OK, so organisations across the globe are using video production like never before. 

But how can estate agents in particular utilise it? Well, in this blog post we’re going to present you with a number of reasons how you – the humble estate agent – can do just that.

Talk to your audience in their language

More stats! Did you know that 78% of people watch videos every week, with 55% watching videos daily?

A large section of this audience will be young people – you know, the folks we mentioned at the beginning of the article who are looking to get onto the property ladder for the first time.

Young adults LOVE watching videos – especially on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

If your agency doesn’t have a presence on these platforms or you’re not using video on them, well, that’s a hefty chunk of potential customers you could be missing out on and – even worse – possibly losing to competitors who are ahead of you with their digital marketing.

Show, don’t tell

How many bedrooms does the house have? What’s the garden like? Is the bathroom upstairs or downstairs? What are the dimensions of the reception rooms?

All of the above are the types of questions that prospective customers will all be asking – and sometimes, text just doesn’t cut it. 

How good would it be if you had video walkthroughs of homes in your property portfolio which showed the customer around whilst on-screen text provided them with all the information they could possibly need?

How good would it be if you were showcasing your properties in all their glory from the air using aerial videography?

Hopefully you answered “very good!” to those two questions. If you did, well, hiring a video production company might be a smart idea – or even having a go in house!

After all, just think of all the business you could be losing to your competitors who already have shiny videos showing off their properties…

Know, like, and trust

Let’s not pretend otherwise – if you’re an estate agent, you’re in the selling business. 

For a seller, “know, like, and trust” is a huge thing. After all, getting potential clients to know you, like you, and trust you is one of the fundamental principles of selling.

How can estate agents do this? Through video, of course! (you knew we were going to say that, didn’t you?)

Video interviews with your team, video testimonials from previous clients, videos to current clients updating them on the current status of their big move – these are all fantastic ways for people to get to know you and lead to them using your services.

Estate agents, we think it’s fair to say, don’t have the best reputations at times. Videos such as the ones listed above can help tackle any preconceived feelings about your team right from the start.

Inform, inform, inform

Finally, another great way to get potential clients invested in your business is to spend time informing them about things within your sector.

Mortgages, interest rates, buy to lets, stamp duty – these can be a bit difficult to explain at the best of times. 

Why spend ages crafting copy on these topics only to run the risk of potential customers Googling away elsewhere because they’ve lost interest? 

Why not create an engaging explainer animation keeping their interest instead?

Approach it from the consumer’s point of view – if someone is being told everything they need to know by a business which provides a service they need at that moment in time, they’re more likely to use them rather than anyone else. It’s true, honest!

Trust us, short videos explaining terminology that people pull their hair out over really could be the difference between a customer picking up the phone and booking a viewing with you, or heading elsewhere and to one of your rivals. Can you afford that?

Go for No

If you’ve ever read the book “go for no” you’ll know that time is precious and you only want to be having conversations with serious enquiries. Too often, people jump at the chance to meet or host a viewing. If the customer has seen a video of the property and made an enquiry after that, there is a higher chance that they are interested. Now how valuable could that be in the long run?

So, there’s a few reasons why, if you’re an estate agent, you really need to start using video production if you aren’t already!

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