5 Great Case Study Videos

Case study videos are a great way to show off real-life examples of how business challenges and obstacles have been overcome. 

They’re almost like getting a backstage pass to the inner workings of successful companies. You can see what worked, what didn’t, and what they would do differently if they had the chance. 

It’s like having a new age business mentor, but without having to pay extortionate monthly prices, and actually getting something out of it. 

Watching case study videos allows you to see how other organisations have tackled a problem, which can help you, or give you a creative spark for case study videos of your own.

Using case study videos allows you to demonstrate your organisation’s expertise and let customers wax lyrical about how good you are – far more valuable than waxing lyrical about yourself. 

They build trust with potential customers and mean that you don’t have to go against your humble British nature and brag! 

In this edition of the STM blog, we will look at some great case study videos.


Sendle is the world’s first carbon neutral delivery service, with teams all over the world.

For these teams to be able to communicate effectively, they need a good platform to do so.

All the best offices *cough* use Slack and it’s a deceptively brilliant tool. 

Showing it in action is the best way to prove how easily you can connect with colleagues all over the world and the benefits it has for your organisation. 


Again, only the really special places use Trello. 

The Ladders provides a recruitment platform and Trello allows the whole team to stay up to date with projects in the most effective way and see who is working on what. 

This case study video really clearly outlines the benefits of Trello in a real world example, with high production value.


GoPro is a fairly unique entity when it comes to YouTube marketing, because customers essentially do the marketing for them, simply by making videos and using the GoPro tag.

GoPro videos are probably the most recognisable in the world and this case study video from 10 years ago shows you exactly how! 

An excellent example of how using YouTube for advertising can skyrocket your brand awareness for those considering it! 


This case study video from Flash Point Communications over in the US of A demonstrates their plan and execution of a marketing campaign they were in charge of for Ford. 

It’s simple, outlines what they did and shows the results of what they did. Everything they did is really good, but there’s no outlandish brags or boring nonsense about how incredible they are; just the plan and results.

Aside from all that, they really utilise whiteboard animation and make it all very engaging visually. 

Excellent stuff! 


We had to sneak in a Stone’s Throw example didn’t we? Joblogic wanted a case study video to show how their software has transformed a business through a series of interviews and cutaways of people using the software.

The things mentioned in the case study by Barlows employees are things like Joblogic visiting them to do training sessions, the smooth implementation of the software and their online training videos/handbook. It’s literally the perfect advert for Joblogic! 

Looks like it was made by an excellent video production company too. 

So there we have it! 5 great case study videos that hopefully light the creative fire and get you in the right frame of mind for making your own! 

If you have any questions or don’t know where to start with your video project, get in touch today! 

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