Great Christmas Adverts

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!*

They might come far too early in the year these days (and decorations; why are shops covered in tinsel in October?), but Christmas adverts are always a bright spark in the annual tv schedule. 

In this festive special of the STM Blog, we’ll look at some of the best Christmas adverts that have graced our TV screens. 

From the heartwarming to the absurd, here’s a list of some of our favourites.

Doc Morris – Find your purpose

‘So that you can take care of what really matters in life’ 

Somewhere between Boots and Holland & Barrett, Doc Morris is an online pharmacy of sorts in Germany. 

We’ll start the list with an absolute heart warmer to get you in the festive spirit. Widely hailed as the best Christmas advert of 2020, it was critically acclaimed and shared worldwide. 

Allegro – What are you looking for?

With a prior warning for some unexpected adult language; Allegro is a Polish e-commerce website in Poland. There are a number of layers to this one, beyond the near-tears. Generally considered one of the best Christmas adverts of all time, it shows the accessibility of itself to an older audience, as well as the range of products available on the site, without explicitly mentioning itself until the end of the video. 

It quickly became Allegro’s most viewed video ever and gained plaudits all over the world. 

Lidl – The Cell

Funny until the unexpected ending! 

A kind guard offers an old man a way out at Christmas and is sad to see him go. Much to his surprise he returns with Lidl shopping bags filled with all the ingredients for a Christmas dinner. No idea how he paid for it all (probably stole it and added to his sentence), but it shows the Christmas spirit and how people can bond over the great ingredients – we do vouch for this, Lidl is incredible. (IncredLidl?) 

Tesco – No Naughty List

Well timed and topical, this Tesco advert read the room pretty well in terms of the British Public. 

Going through some of the 2020 sins (not singing happy birthday while washing hands is a good example), the narrator declares that no one will be on the naughty list after enduring such an exhausting 2020. The C word (no, not that one) was a big taboo subject for advertisers and Tesco took the dive by mentioning it. 

It proved to be a good choice, winning them multiple awards and was ranked by YouGov as one of the most effective adverts of the year. 

John Lewis – The Bear and the Hare

Not the actual advert, but a behind the scenes for the music video that shows the amount of work and dedication put into Christmas adverts. Also a pretty decent cover in my opinion.

The bear had never seen Christmas, and the snow signalled the point he needed to go back to the cave for his hibernation. His hare friend didn’t want him to miss Christmas, so allowed him to have his nap but was woken up by his gifted alarm clock. 

Sweet though the sentiment is, this christmas advert is incredibly unrealistic. It is likely the hare would’ve gotten away from the bear as quickly as possible unless it wished to be snacked on. The animals seen decorating the tree and unwrapping presents underneath it would not have had the dexterity to do so, while it is unclear how they got access to the materials. 

Despite all of this, recent research has shown that this is the most effective John Lewis Christmas advert of all time. 

IRN-BRU – Phenomenal Christmas

A personal favourite from the list. 

Fairly simple in it’s messaging; don’t share your IRN-BRU with the snowman and you get dropped from the sky. 

The advert is made a classic by its adaptation of Raymond Briggs’ Snowman with some slightly altered lyrics and all taking place above Scotland. 

It’s been ranked as the most memorable Scottish Christmas advert and was actually followed by a sequel in 2018. 

There we have it. Five great Christmas adverts!

Maybe there are some ideas in there that you might be transferable to your industry, or some creative sparks have been lit.

We hope you enjoyed and if you have any questions about marketing videos, please feel free to get in touch with us through our contact page

*except for the family board game dramas, poor television and cheese sweats

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