Great Corporate Social Responsibility Videos

You’re probably aware that over the past few years there’s been one or two sets of initials which have become quite important for businesses across the country.

One is the dreaded GDPR, which we absolutely don’t want to talk about either here or anywhere else, and the other is CSR.

CSR stands for Corporate Social Responsibility. Put simply, it’s the sincere efforts made by an organisation to improve society – whether that’s through philanthropic endeavours*, behaving ethically as a business, or by protecting the environment.

As well as being really important, CSR endeavours can also form the basis of a fantastic corporate video designed to highlight an organisation’s undertakings in this field.

As such, here are a handful of CSR videos which we think are well worth watching and – perhaps more importantly – well worth taking inspiration from for any Corporate Social Responsibility videos you want your organisation to produce!

LEGO – (“protect the planet”)

Lego, surely one of the most loved children’s brands there is, made this fantastic Corporate Social Responsibility video. Lego decided that making their company 100% balanced by renewable energy by 2020 was what they needed to do as an organisation. 

This video shows how they beat that target by three years and got themselves into the Guiness World Record book as well. The video is a lovely mix of voiceover lead, high end cutaways and interviews. Showing their wind farms with aerial video was a particular highlight for us. 

If more organisations can follow the lead of Lego (and let Stone’s Throw Media document it!) then the world will be a better place.

Coca-Cola (“Small World Machines”)

CSR endeavours are typically for a local community (as we’ll see in a moment!) but for big beasts such as Coca-Cola, why go local when you can go international?

Stepping foot into the world of international relations can be dangerous for any company of course – even those with billion dollar revenues. 

We think Coca-Cola make a good job of it however with this “Small World Machines” video, designed to bring together the people of India and Pakistan.

Videos of this nature run the risk of being “shameless” and “false”, but we think this one manages to avoid those criticisms really well.

Honda (Manufacturing of Indiana)

Where Coca-Cola went international Honda went local with this video all about its ‘Manufacturing of Indiana’ team’s volunteering at the Flat Rock River YMCA camp.

One of the elements that makes a great CSR video is the emphasis on “showing” rather than “telling” – something which this video does really well.

Through the capturing of the activities taking place, Honda’s video shows their team’s work and its benefits in a visually stimulating way, whilst its uplifting background music assists in accentuating its positive tone.

One more thing this video shows really well is that Corporate Social Responsibility videos don’t have to cost a lot of money or be overly complex to be effective. 

Redrow Homes (Deeside Community Hospital)

A team of Redrow students were tasked with re-generating the Hospital’s garden area, whilst we were tasked with going along to the site and capturing the new garden’s official opening! Deeside Community Hospital – a specialist site opened in 1992 for those living with dementia. Redrow is proud to place an emphasis on the work it does in local communities.

This is why our two-minute video – which you can watch above – is structured around the thoughts of some of the students involved in the campaign, as well as the thoughts of Clare Horton, New Entrant Programmes Manager at Redrow.

These thoughts are interspersed with cutaway footage of the renovated area – footage which shows the results of the hard work the team at Redrow put in to make the garden a more sensory area for the patients at the Hospital.

IKEA Foundation (“My Place to Play”)

Our final CSR video comes from the charitable arm of the world’s most famous provider of Swedish meatballs**.

This offering from the IKEA Foundation revolves around its “Let’s Play for Change” campaign – an ongoing initiative designed to help children find a safe place to play away from the hardships of life.

What we particularly like about this one is how the children who have directly benefited from the campaign are placed front and centre of the video – both through the providing of their thoughts and the footage of them playing.

Alongside this footage there’s the utilisation of stop motion, vivid colours, and a professional voice-over to keep the viewer engaged, and upbeat background music to help drive the video along.

So, there’s five great Corporate Social Responsibility videos and why we think they’re effective.

Why not give it a go?

If your organisation isn’t utilising the medium of video to show its CSR endeavours, don’t panic! It’s not too late to start!

Why not give us a ring today to see how we can help your organisation out with it?

* Try saying that with a Gobstopper in your mouth

** We haven’t checked this but pretty certain it’s right

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