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If you’ve ever bought or rented a property, there’s a pretty good chance that it was initially put together by the clever people at a housebuilding organisation.

This simple statement perhaps helps to explain why these companies are…well…a pretty big deal nowadays.

At the time of writing there are five housebuilders here in the UK listed on the FTSE 100 Index – the 100 companies listed on the London Stock Exchange with the highest market capitalisation – and the likes of Redrow, Persimmon, and Taylor Wimpey are some of the most established businesses around today.

These housing companies are now coming round to the power of video – both for their external marketing endeavours and their internal communications.

With this in mind, in this blog post we’re going to highlight two (yes, only two!) great housing videos created by housebuilding companies based on either side of the Atlantic, analyse the techniques they use, and explain what makes them so effective!

Lennar Corporation (“Everything’s Included”)

Based in Miami, Florida, the Lennar Corporation is one of the largest housebuilders in the US thanks to its 9,000+ employees and revenues of over $12bn.

This housing video created by the corporation is a really slick promotional piece for its ‘Everything Included’ campaign.

What we particularly like about this video is how it is centred around the theme of a property being more than just a house.

Instead, it’s a home, and the place where you “build your life”. 

This theme is enforced throughout the video through the inclusion of some fantastic shots, a personable voice-over, and beautiful background music.

These elements combine together to form a strong, polished promotional video which – much like the video below – plays upon our emotions in a really effective manner.

Could your housing organisation create a promotional housing video like this one?

Willmott Dixon (“Health and Safety Poem”)

This video from the UK’s leading independent construction and property services company, Willmott Dixon, may be in sharp contrast in nature to the glossy promotional video above but is no less impactful.

For construction companies such as housebuilders, health and safety is of primary importance, which is why videos on the subject – particularly internal ones for on-site workers – are becoming more and more prevalent.

This isn’t a traditional health and safety video – there’s no listed rules, regulations, or policies to learn and abide by. 

Instead the video is based around a poem – a technique which, in the words of the company themselves, is a “new & innovative way” to spread the word about how they “put health & safety at the heart of everything we do”.

This video isn’t just innovative, however. Instead, it’s a thought-provoking and powerful creation that has stayed in our minds ever since we first saw it.

Video is the perfect medium to use to target people’s emotions – something which this great video does really well.

Redrow Homes – Gold Award

Redrow are one of the largest housing constructors in the UK and (at the time of writing) a constituent of the FTSE 250 Index.

The team at Redrow were celebrating its “Gold” award in the 2018 NextGeneration Benchmark – an initiative which ranks the UK’s 25 largest homebuilders on their sustainability performance.

The Benchmark assesses homebuilders on a range of criteria including their commitment to responsible building and having a positive impact on the environment – with its 2018 report marking the third straight year Redrow had clinched its “Gold” rating.

We were approached by the team at Redrow to promote the company’s triumph and emphasise how it was a tangible benefit to its customers and society as a whole!

We felt animation was the right way to go to hit our targets for this brief – hence the creation of the minute long animated effort you can watch above!

As mentioned, the main message of our housing video was to highlight how Redrow weren’t just shouting about its award for vanity reasons but because of its positive impact on society.

This is why we explain how Redrow’s efforts (such as making its homes from responsibly sourced timber and partnering with the Bumblebee Conservation Trust) are good for the customer’s pockets, their lifestyles, and the planet as a whole!

Our animation was equipped with motion graphics, on-screen text, a professional voice-over, and upbeat background music, and was designed to be an engaging effort for Redrow’s customers and other external stakeholders.

Could your housing organisation create an effective video a little different to the norm?

So, there’s three examples of housing videos which we think are particularly great.

If you agree or disagree, or can think of some that we’ve missed, why not let us know via our Contact page or on our social media accounts?

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