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If you’re in the “wide awake club”, as football pundit Ron Atkinson used to say (before he was banished into the TV wilderness), you’re probably aware that here in the UK, the jobs market is split into two sectors – private and public.

The private sector is formed of companies which are not controlled by the state and are run for profit. You don’t need any examples from us – if you can think of a company, you’ve got an example.

The public sector, meanwhile, is made up of organisations which provide public services for the people. You’ve probably heard of some of these examples of public sector organisations:


1) NHS

2) Environment Agency

3) Local councils


5) Emergency services

6) MI5 & MI6


Looking at that list, you can see that the public sector is a pretty big deal – indeed, the latest figures from the boffins at the Office for National Statistics (ONS) shows that in December 2018 there were an estimated 5.37m people employed across the sector.

Can public sector organisations utilise video productions? You betcha – why couldn’t they?

In this blog post then, we’re going to take a look at a number of videos created by public sector organisations, and explain to you why we think they’re great.

City of York Council (York 800)

There are many cities in the UK with rich histories, but not too many can compare with the heritage of York – as this great 2012 video from the City of York Council shows.

What we love about this video is how its effectiveness is in its simplicity.

Strong footage, on-screen text, and evocative music result in this clean, impressive video.

Note too how the video doesn’t dwell on history. At roughly 1:20 (the halfway mark) it switches to show how York is equally about the present as it is the past. It’s another nice touch in a video that’s full of them.

Could your local council showcase its heritage using just three elements?

Thames Valley Police (Tea & Consent)

They might be an unlikely source for a fantastic video, but we have to give the Thames Valley Police regional police force a lot of credit for this video created as part of its ‘Consent is Everything’ campaign.

It’s one thing to create an animation tackling a difficult and serious subject, but it’s another to do so in an informal and approachable manner that still drives the point of the video home.

This one does just that, and does it brilliantly. Do you think your regional police force could utilise an animation?

New Zealand Police (#NEWCOPS)

We’ve showcased this video a number of times but we make no apology for it as we think this one may just be the greatest recruitment video of all time.

We’ll let you decide whether that’s the case or not, but, regardless, this one is well worth watching.

Recruitment videos can be challenging – particularly when they’re for high-pressure, demanding jobs such as those in the police force.

To counter this, NZ Police created a video that’s funny, engaging, and doesn’t take itself too seriously, and one crammed with officers, helicopters, dogs….and even a police cat.

Could your organisation utilise humour for its next recruitment video?

BBC (Christmas 2017)

This might be a slightly controversial choice for this blog, as the BBC is a corporation incorporated under Royal Charter and some of its work is outsourced to the private sector.

According to the Government however it is a ‘public service’ broadcaster so we’re including them!

The BBC created this fantastic animation to mark the Yuletide period back in 2017, but it captivates us now just as much as it did back then.

What makes this one so good? Well, in the words of our ‘Professional Doodler’ Jamie:


“This is beautiful. The animation is engaging, catchy, and has rhythm. There’s no fantasy, no snow, no reindeers, just an honest look at family – and they’ve done it in such a short amount of time too!”


Could your organisation put smiles on faces with a sophisticated animation like this one?


So, there’s four examples of great public sector videos.

If you work for a public sector organisation, don’t sleep on the power of video!

Whether you want to show off the heritage of your city, recruit new employees, or create a centrepiece for a campaign, we know that video is just the thing you need!

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