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Here at Stone’s Throw Media, we’re pretty evangelical about the fact that video content can be utilised across every industry and in marketing videos. In this blog, we’re going to explore a topic that divides the office just about perfectly in half. 

Over the last year or so, it’s felt a bit like there’s no escape from sports. They’re everywhere! Lockdown often felt like this Mitchell and Webb sketch.

If you were interested, Sport England reckons that sports and physical activity contributes £39 billion to the UK economy annually. I know what you’re thinking, word for word; “Wow! That’s a huge amount of money, but the more I think about it, it’s less surprising given the commercial marketing machines such as the Premier League!” Well, actually, a large portion of this is from grassroots activities, like paying match fees and gym memberships. 

We digress. Sports can be used as a great source of content and entertainment in the marketing world, so we’re going to walk you through some of our favourite sports marketing videos, talk about why we like them and generally further make the point that sports content can be an excellent marketing tool.

Without further ado, please find some great sports videos used in video marketing below. 

Red Bull – Ben Stokes

Cricketing bad boy (fully aware of how funny a paradox that is) Ben Stokes had been involved in a number of issues prior to the 2019 World Cup that meant he lost a sponsorship or two. What was never in doubt was his ridiculous ability as a cricketer, so Red Bull stuck with him and have never looked back following his World Cup heroics. 

This marketing video was made in the lead up to the tournament with the idea of trying to show what Red Bull can make you capable of. If only it was that simple. 

The video got millions of views and kept Red Bull in the consciousness of aspiring cricketers leading up to the biggest tournament in the game.

Sport England – This Girl Can

Setting out with the aim of inspiring more women to get involved in sports, break down stereotypes that may have prevented them from doing so and remove fear of judgment.

The main marketing video for the campaign only used ‘real’ women instead of actors (disclaimer – actors are indeed real people, unless your name is Tom Cruise) which made it authentic and, using that word again, relatable. 

The campaign was a huge success, amassing over 13 million views in the first 3 months, 30,000 Facebook likes, 42,000 followers on Twitter and 5,000 followers on Instagram, and in total a social reach of 23 million. 

Nike – Joga Bonito 

The first YouTube video to reach 1 million views, the child in all of us still wants to believe that there isn’t a heavy amount of editing involved. 

With Ronaldinho at the peak of his powers, the involvement of the boots being advertised was actually minimal and subtle. Just a genius playing around with a ball. 

It was part of the Joga Bonito campaign, headed up by the effortlessly cool King Eric Cantona, which involved the best players in the world at the time going back to the grass roots game in different ways to promote the 2006 World Cup. 

The result of these marketing videos? Record traffic to nikefootball.com in the shape of 2 million visitors a week and 760,000 weekly visitors to the Joga Bonito site. Mind blowing numbers for the time. 

NFL Fantasy Football/Reebok – Pick Me

Again, just realistic enough to cast doubt in your mind as to whether it actually happened or not, this was a great way to drum up interest in NFL Fantasy Football. 

Reebok sponsored athletes performing outrageous feats wearing Reebok kit? A viral series of marketing videos with a direct line to the NFL fanbase? How could that possibly benefit Reebok? No idea. 

Carlsberg – If Carlsberg did pub teams: Old Lions

Another 2006 World Cup advert, it was a toss up between this and the Peter Kay/John Smith’s ‘HAVE IT’ advert, but this edged it by virtue of being relatable… sort of. 

Relatable in the sense that everyone, Sunday league veteran or not, can feel the cold morning and the satisfaction of the morning coffee that Peter Reid has in the kitchen. 

What’s less relatable is playing in a team of England legends managed by the late great Sir Bobby. 

All part of the ‘If Carlsberg did…’ tagline, this pulled on the heart strings of everyone with any connection to English football.

How successful was it? Unparalleled, in a word. 

It became the most successful interactive television campaign ever released; over 429,000 people clicked through to view additional content, double the number achieved by the interactive campaigns launched by Budweiser and Carling in the run-up to the World Cup. The website link shown at the end, oldlions.co.uk, received 390,000 hits during the World Cup, and the video spent two weeks at the number 1 position on the Google Video, which seems a depressing amount of time old, download chart.

The financial success? We’re glad you asked. It became the highest earning marketing video in Carlsberg’s history, outperforming its previous highest earning campaign by over 30 percent. Over 30,000,000 pints of Carlsberg were sold in the four weeks prior to the World Cup, and sales within the United Kingdom were four times higher than normal. Carlsberg outsold the market leader, Carling at the time, by over 3,000,000 pints, and 23% of British people drinking Carlsberg on the day of the first England match reported that they had switched to the brand as a result of the campaign.

England Netball – #RiseAgain

To protect the future of Netball in England, the #RiseAgain campaign was launched in the pandemic to inspire a movement dedicated to the preservation of netball by paying membership to England Nebtall. As with a lot of organisations, they had a couple of financial issues, which was actually awful timing given their success previous to 2020. 

The marketing video itself showed netballers from every level of the game and created a sense of love and togetherness around the sport, as a reminder of what makes their sport special.

The challenge for England Netball was to stand out and reach all levels of the game. Some may assume that membership to England Netball is only for elite players, but it offers benefits including the virtual netball club to everyone involved in netball. 

There we have it. Six sports marketing videos that have shown how great content can garner great results and have been part of awesome marketing campaigns.

Maybe there are some ideas in there that you might be transferable to your industry, or some creative sparks have been lit.

We hope you enjoyed and if you have any questions about marketing videos or adverts, please feel free to get in touch with us through our contact page

So there we have six manufacturing videos which we think are great, and the reasons why we like them so much.

Thanks for reading!

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