Great Sports Videos

Ah, sport. Do you love it or hate it? 

For us, the answer to that question depends on how our respective football teams got on on the previous Saturday afternoon.

Whether you’re a sports fan or not however, you’re probably aware that sporting organisations can utilise videos for many more reasons than just showing the highlights (or lowlights) of their last fixture, or those inane post-match interviews where nobody ever says anything of note whatsoever.

To elaborate on this, we’ve trawled the internet (well, YouTube) to find six great videos from sporting organisations (some of which you might just have heard of), show them here for your delectation (great word), and explain why we think they’re effective.

Regrettably, none of these “great sports videos” are just compilations of the Australian cricket team crying after being bowled out for scores under 100.

Wolverhampton Wanderers FC (#GiftOfGold)

We make no apology for starting with our local football club!

Here in 2019 Premier League clubs are bigger than ever, and so too is the range of branded merchandise they sell online or in their club shops.

We love this special Christmas video for Wolves’ megastore due to its ability to showcase its range of products using a touching narrative rather than an aggressive “salesy” approach.

The inclusion of living legends such as Robert Plant and Steve Bull doesn’t hurt either!

Could your sporting organisation promote its range of branded merchandise with a video like this one?

Manchester United Foundation (#UnitedandSamuel)

The vast majority of organisations across the globe are now engaging in CSR activities, and football clubs are no different in this respect.

An integral part of Manchester United’s CSR endeavours is the Manchester United Foundation – the club’s charitable arm which aims to “use football to engage and inspire young people to build a better life for themselves”.

There aren’t many better ways to showcase your organisation’s good work and its positive impact on people than through video – with this Foundation video all about Samuel being a perfect example.

We love how heart-warming this video is, and how it shows the tangible benefits the Foundation has brought to Samuel’s life.

Could your sporting organisation show – rather than tell – its charitable work through sports videos?

Boston Celtics (Season Ticket Campaign)


No matter the sport, a team’s fans are its soul – the beating heart around which everything else revolves.

As such, season ticket campaigns encouraging supporters to book their seats for every home fixture are of vital importance – which is why more and more sporting organisations are beginning to utilise the fantastic promotional medium of video to drive these campaigns.

This video from NBA team Boston Celtics is a terrific example of how effective video can be in enticing fans to come to the stadium.

Built around the theme of “memories”, we love how this video convinces us that going to watch your team is more than just sports-viewing.

Instead, it offers experiences – a “seemingly endless collection of moments” – which will stay in the memory forever. 

Could your sporting organisation drive fans to your stadium by creating some sports videos for your next season ticket campaign?

European Tour (“Content Committee”)

Let’s be honest – sports stars can seem to live on a different planet to us “normals” nowadays.

It feels like they all earn a squillion quid a week, drive cars worth more than our houses, and wouldn’t even know what ALDI* is, let alone shop there.

So, how can sporting organisations quash these sentiments and show how their big names are people like the rest of us?

By using video to show their human side, of course!

This example from the golf association the European Tour is a fantastic example of this.

Through the use of humour, this video provides us with the human face of some of its star names, making them seem likable and down to Earth in the process.

It’s pretty rare to find a video featuring sportspeople that is genuinely funny, but this is certainly one.

Could your sporting organisation showcase the human side of its stars with a video like this one?

Southampton FC (“SAYNTS Festival”)

Here’s another one which uses humour really well – the video Southampton FC made for its 2019/20 kit launch.

A parody of the Netflix documentary about the fraudulent Fyre Music Festival, this video is close to our hearts as it’s a perfect example of an organisation seeing positive results after being brave with video.

Unlike anything a sporting organisation had ever created before, this video went down a storm on social media, generating far more publicity for the club’s new kit than a run-of-the-mill “here’s our kit, isn’t it nice?” video would have done.

Could your sporting organisation be brave and create a kit launch video that’s different from the norm?

Liverpool FC (Kop Kids Prank)

We have one final video to show you and it’s from Liverpool FC.

As we mentioned above, modern sportspeople can feel distant from those in their local communities – particularly in traditional working class heartlands such as Merseyside.

Any videos then that can help to create a bond between a team’s supporters and their superstars can only be a good thing – even if they are a bit silly like this one is!

Could your sporting organisation forge a strong link between its players and fans with videos such as this one?

Are there any videos from sporting organisations that you particularly love? If so, why not let us know via our social media channels or our Contact page?

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