Great Videos in Car Adverts

It might not surprise you to know that we are big believers in video content and that we strongly believe it can work wonders for companies across all industries. We keep an ear to the ground on all things video and stay abreast of creative ideas. 

In this edition of the blog, we will look at some of the best videos used in car adverts.

In our own world, we’ve looked after a couple of car adverts, but today we’re going to look at some contributors not as famous as Stone’s Throw*, like Tesla and Honda. 

The automotive industry adds at least £15 billion to the UK economy and new models hit the market more regularly than Del Boy, so creative demand is pretty high.

With all of these things in mind, let’s take a look at some of our favourite videos used in car adverts. 

Honda Accord – Cog

So simple, yet so satisfying. In writing this blog, the video has had about 200,000 extra views. It shows how so many little parts make up something so big and slick. It’s captivating to watch and all builds up to the big reveal at the end. 

Mention of the car itself is actually minimal and the advert itself is selling the concept of ‘The Power of Dreams’. 

It is one of the most awarded advert campaigns of all time, possibly the most famous car advert and is credited with an increase of £400m in Honda revenue. Made in 2003, before the days of impressions, shares and likes, Cog was a talking point for everyone and has even had a remake aired as recently as 2020 on ITV primetime. Apart from possibly Christmas adverts, the days of huge budget TV adverts are likely gone, so this one is a real hall of famer. Companies like Samsung have parodied the idea and it is still influencing creative ideas. 

VW Golf GTI – Singing in the Rain

‘The original, updated’. Again, so simple, yet so brilliant. Someone who appears to actually be Gene Kelly performs some modern dance and ends up stood outside the new Golf GTI. That’s literally the advert. It’s a really memorable and innovative way of displaying an update to one of their classic models. 

The remix of the original song was released as a single following the advert and reached number 20 in the UK charts, later reaching number 1 in 2008 after it was used by a dancer in X Factor. All of that was associated with the advert. Timeless and genius. 

Skoda Fabia – Full of Lovely Stuff

It’s probably fair to say that a Skoda Fabia isn’t the most glamorous of cars, which is something the brand were aware of. To move away from the perception of Skoda as a whole, the advert focussed on the individual parts.

It probably wasn’t aimed at 19 year old boys so much as the older market, so the ‘full of lovely stuff’ strap line is in reference to features like small hooks in the boot that help keep shopping bags stand up straight.

By this point, you’ve probably noticed a theme emerging; mention of the car is minimal. They’re selling an idea and a positive association with it. 

It was the third most awarded advert of 2008, the winner was a certain Cadbury Gorilla advert. 

*Fun car advert fact*: they actually made the cake and planned to donate it to a homeless charity, but it spent so long under studio lights that it was no longer fit for human consumption, so it went to a compost recycling place.

Tesla – Feel it

We’re not crying, you are. 

The message in this car advert is all about feeling and emotional connections. I’m sure you don’t need to hear it again, but the car is barely mentioned. Great adverts create emotion and a positive memory to associate with the product. 

Volvo Trucks – The Epic Split

Apparently this actually happened. No, really. Do the research.

We’re not really sure what else can be said about Jean Claude Van Damme, so we’ll leave that be. But there probably isn’t a better way to demonstrate the precision steering of a vehicle than Jean doing the splits across two of them, while they reverse. 

It got 40 million views in its first 9 days, generating an estimated £170m turnover for Volvo. 

There we have it. Five great videos used in car adverts that have shown how thinking outside the box and selling an idea rather than a product can bring incredible results.

Maybe there are some ideas in there that you might be transferable to your industry, or some creative sparks have been lit.

We hope you enjoyed and if you have any questions about marketing videos or car adverts, please feel free to get in touch with us through our contact page

So there we have six videos from car adverts which we think are great, and the reasons why we like them so much.

Thanks for reading!

*What do you mean ‘who’?

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