How Good Things Can Happen When You Go for It!

When was the last time you were brave?

For some, bravery has become second nature – think of firefighters going into burning buildings every day, or Army medics running across battlefields armed only with some bandages and a vial of morphine.

For many of us however, we’re rarely brave. The last time our Mike did something brave, for example, was when he finally put down ‘Snooker 19’ and actually played something else on his games console.

Bravery is something rarely seen in the world of business as well, which is strange because some of the most famous and successful companies today got to where they are by going for it, taking a risk, and challenging the status quo – Apple’s “Think Different” campaign being an obvious example.

Taking a jump into the unknown might be scary, but we would argue that the alternative – playing it safe – can be a bigger risk for businesses and leave them worse off in the long run.

In short, here at Stone’s Throw we believe that good things happen when organisations are brave and flipping well just go for it – and yes, of course that includes their use of video productions!


As more and more organisations cotton on to the benefits of utilising video production, it may seem as if it’s difficult to use the medium in a way that your competitors aren’t.

This is where you need to go for it. To be different. To take risks.

Challenging our clients at the outset of a project is something we love doing because we know it can lead to fantastic, bottom line-changing results.

For example, want to showcase the products your business sells? Yes, you could make a run-of-the-mill video production like everyone else, but why not consider a video like this one we made for Lyreco?

Want to promote and raise awareness of your charity to a wider external audience? Why not challenge people’s preconceptions of your organisation with a video production such as this one?

Taking a risk with your marketing may seem like too bold a step for your organisation – particularly if it’s one based in a sector which is traditionally seen as being unadventurous or unenterprising.

Here in 2019 however, playing it safe is no longer going to get the job done.

It’s time for you to go for it with your videos.

That’s enough words – join Matt in the video above for his thoughts on this topic!

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