How much does a video case study cost?

To answer this directly would mean we’d need to know what was involved in making your video case study. There can be different kinds of case studies with different levels of complexity.

You can see just by laying them out this way that there are many variables already and I bet you can guess which will cost more, can’t you?

To give a really accurate quote we need to break down the requirements that will help you with your end goal.


Pre-production is a really important part of the whole process. We have to make sure that we have considered who we will interview, the cutaways that we will shoot as well as keeping everything organised in a call sheet. Pre-production is all about making sure everyone is on the same page and clear on what needs to be filmed. 

A recce can sometimes be an option – this is where the production team will visit the filming locations of interviews and cutaways. If time is a concern, then pictures of the locations could also provide good insight. At Stone’s Throw Media we always communicate with the customer to make sure they are involved in the pre-production process. Pre-production is a great way to make filming as efficient as possible and ultimately save money as well as getting a better end result.

We prepare as much as possible to iron out any issues but sometimes we have to be prepared to react on the day. An example of this was for a high end shoot where we hired out a warehouse. We checked that it would be clear and suitable for us but when we got there there was a bus in the room that was broken down. We managed to solve it! This is an extreme example but planning and turning up early are vital for successful shoots.

Filming (£600- £1000 a day)

The difference in price will depend on two things: the production company and the amount of crew involved in a shoot. Some shoots will need a director, director of photography, camera operator and a camera assistant. It is likely that for a video case study you will need fewer crew which is why we feel it would most likely fall into the £600-1000 a day range with a video production agency. 

Editing (£400 – £800)

Editing is often the most overlooked part of the production process. Editing takes time and is a very different skill to filming. Never overlook the value of giving yourself 

Music (£0 – £400)

Custom Music – having a custom track can be expensive, so it would need to be a video where the music would be a big part in the video such as these examples

Most corporate videos and case study videos will have a stock music track. You can find some tracks available for use for free, such as on YouTube A basic track can be around £100 but more higher end tracks can price upto £400.

Additional costs

Always think about extra things like graphics, voiceovers, mileage, hotels, make-up and copyright. Most of the time we can avoid needing hotels, or we can keep the costs down by staying in affordable places – we don’t expect the Ritz! Make-up is often not needed and generally speaking copyright is not often a problem for a video case study.

So there you have it! Our guide to some of the costs involved in a video case study. If you have any questions about the things we’ve covered then feel free to get in touch and we’d love to be able to help!

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