How Much Is TV Advertising?

Unless you’ve lived under a rock for the entirety of your life, you will have been subjected to tv advertising. But a question we’ve been asked a few times is ‘how much is tv advertising?’

Some are ok, some are indefensibly awful, but every once in a while you’ll come across something that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. 

As the world of marketing and tv has expanded, things like tv advertising that were previously unavailable to us common folk can now realistically be used. 

With services like Sky AdSmart, ITV X and 4od, tv advertising can be targeted really specifically and we have created adverts utilising these platforms.

Traditional Advert Slots

For your bog standard, traditional TV advert, rather than fancy pants streaming or anything like that, you still pay for a slot. 

For example, you might pay for a 30 second advert during the lunchtime showing of Alan Partridge’s Skirmish, a military based quiz show on digital channel UK Conquest, or during the first break of Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway.

Obviously, some will cost more than others.

You need to consider:

🕰️ – the time of day when the advert is shown will impact pricing. Daytime tends to be cheaper than night time premium slots.

📏 – length of the advert will also impact pricing

🎄 – seasonality will affect price – demands will swing monthly or even weekly!

📺 – which TV channel – if it’s a premium TV channel, expect to pay more than a channel buried in the depths of satellite TV. Simply put, more viewers = more cost. 

This kind of tv advertising is more like a scatter gun than a sniper rifle. You make a loose assumption about the demographic watching the channel or show, with some help from the station itself, and hope to catch some leads on the back of it. 

TV Streaming Advert Slots

This is using the streaming services like Sky AdSmart or 4od.

The minimum budget for Sky AdSmart is £3000. However, you’ll only be charged if your audience watches the video for at least 75% of your advert. So, if they click off after a couple of seconds, you won’t be charged. 

You’ll also be given measured results of your campaign to see how it’s getting on.

This kind of tv advertising is also very targeted, so you know who it’s going to and you can be really specific with choosing an audience. 

If you think this sounds like an advert for Sky AdSmart, we wish! If Sky does want to throw a big chunk of money at us to endorse their products, please do!

It’s simply a case of the world evolving and newer advertising services being better. 

Production Costs

Of course, away from all of the platform costs, there’s the production costs. 

We’ve heard, through the grapevine, that a bells and whistles tv advert, with a celebrity, licenced music and a good slot, is gonna cost you hundreds of thousands.

For us, it would simply be a case of charging what we would for any similar video project, the only difference is where it is being used. 

The production costs will depend upon the elements that go into creating it – think actors, crew, locations, days, etc. See this video for more information!

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