Can Video Help With 'Know, Like, and Trust'?

To paraphrase Jane Austen, it is a truth universally acknowledged that every business must be in want of a regular stream of customers.

No matter the size of your organisation or the sector it is in, it needs customers to survive. Of course, knowing this is the easy part! 

The harder part is attracting these customers in the first place, and then turning them firstly into repeat buyers, before finally into being advocates of your business.

Your ability to attract these customers largely depends on how your business gets on with these three elements – “know, like, and trust”, AKA the “principle that runs business”.

You probably already know about “know, like, and trust”, but what you may not know is how brilliant video can be at helping organisations with its endeavours concerning these little beauties.

Luckily, we’re on hand to fill you in on that very subject right here!

If you’re in the “wide awake club” you’ve probably already worked out that prospective customers can’t buy your products/services from you if they don’t know you exist. Yes, that is searing insight, we quite agree!


So, how do you use video to make your target market aware of your existence? 

Well, one great way is through brand videos – promotional videos which put the spotlight on what your organisation does and how it does it.

This video created for Swiss International Air Lines is a fantastic example of a brand video showcasing every aspect of an organisation’s operations and its commitment to excellence:

Swiss International Air Lines


So your target market now know you. That’s great, but the next step is to get them to like you!

Research conducted by the eggheads at the Advertising Research Foundation has found that “likeability” is the metric most predictive of whether an advertisement will increase sales.

In short, the more someone likes you – as people or as a brand – the more likely they are to buy from you.

How to use video to get your prospective clients to like you? Well, how about the creation of an About Us video such as this one?

Risual Corporate Video

This video from IT consultancy firm Risual is only 135 seconds long, yet in that time it tells us everything we need to know about the company’s brand identity, people, ethos, and services – all whilst making us laugh in the process.

Now that’s pretty tricky to do using the written word!


So hopefully your prospective customers now know you, and like you. At this stage they’re ready to buy from you, right?


Because before anyone will open their wallet and throw their cash at you, they’ll need to trust you. 

They want to see that your organisation has a proven track record of delivering its products/services to your customers, and that your team are approachable, knowledgeable, and will have everything in hand.

A great form of video you can use to increase people’s trust in your organisation is a testimonial video

Yes, we know that these can be a little “dry” (!) but a good testimonial video – such as this one below – can be worth its weight in gold:

Yum Yum Videos Testimonial

We particularly like this testimonial video from Yum Yum Videos due to its commitment to being engaging for the viewer – note how the traditional “talking head” technique is complemented with strong cutaway footage, animation, and upbeat background music!

One final way to use video to increase trust in your business is through the creation of tip videos. Yes, give stuff away to your target market! 

Posting relevant, useful video content that your audience cares about and wants to see will help to position your organisation and your team as an expert in its field – a brilliant way to increase the level of trust in your business.

Wall James Chappell

Tip videos – like this one from solicitors Wall James Chappell – can be relatively quick to prepare, make, and edit, and can also be created internally allowing your organisation to save money in the process.

Have we sufficiently convinced you that video is a great way to enhance your organisation’s “know, like, and trust” endeavours?

If so, we know that we can help you with the types of video listed above – and of course others – so why not drop us a line today?

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