How to improve your camera on video calls

Video calls. The once friend, now mortal enemy of all who’ve tried to communicate over the last couple of years. 

We could sit here and write about all the issues we’ve run into when trying to talk to someone over Zoom, but the PZSD (post zoom stress disorder) isn’t a wound we want to reopen. 

Video calls are likely the future of business communications, so in this blog, we’re going to give you all the best tips for presenting yourself in the best way possible on video calls. 

Face the light

Don’t be the horror movie villain; the silhouette in the doorway. If the window is behind you, all the light is on the back of your head and blocking all the light getting to the laptop camera. All anyone else on the call will be able to see is the shape of your head and shoulders. 

Without anyone being able to see your eyes, how are you going to make the eye contact so integral to professionalism?

Have the light on your face! There’s a reason Instagram influencers (Influenzas) take their selfies with the setting sun pointing directly at their face. 

Show off your boat, let the world see it and let natural light fill the room. 

Sort out the angle

Also, try not to be the evil emperor from every sci-fi film ever; with the camera angle pointing straight up your nose. Get a laptop stand, or use a pile of books so that the laptop camera is level with your face. If people on the call can see your eyes and you’re looking straight at them, it’s a far more professional look. 

Background is everything

If you haven’t seen some of the faux pas’ from people on video calls across breakfast TV shows throughout lockdown, it might be worth your while to google something along the lines of ‘John Barnes zoom background’ (although fake) or ‘embarrassing zoom moments’ to get a decent idea of the point we’re trying to make.

If your other half is at home, put a sign on the door when you’re on a call. If you’ve got the kids, whack Cbeebies on and give them enough food/water to last the day.

Things like bookshelves, smartly decorated walls and nice artwork all come across well on a video call.  

If you’ve got any questions about video calls or anything video/animation, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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