How to use video to increase sales

As salespeople and marketers, we are always looking for the magic formula to try and increase sales.

Whether it’s snake oil or a Ford Fiesta, trying to get more sales has been the bane of salespeople’s lives since the dawn of time. 

You could say it’s the whole point of the role. 

We wouldn’t ever claim that video is the secret sauce to make you the most successful salesperson of all time, but we will die on the hill that it can help to increase sales. 

Do you want to move past your competitors and get your sales numbers looking wonderful? If so, this blog might be for you. 

How? Read on and find out!


This isn’t just a click baity title, there’s plenty around about how people have used video and content strategies to increase sales.

Let’s kick things off with some statistics that underline the importance of video in sales in the modern day. 

All of the following stats are courtesy of Wyzowl and Vidyard. 

  • 86% of video marketers say video has been effective for generating leads
  • 81% of marketers feel that video has a direct, positive impact on sales. 
  • 71% of sales pros agree that video email outperforms text-based email.
  • Using video for sales outreach has increased response rates for more than 70% of sales reps.

In another of our blogs, we speak about the importance of video when trying to increase brand awareness. 

The same principle applies with sales; more people are going to discover your brand, product or service when you start utilising the most shareable form of content. 

In fact, according to InVideo, video content is 12 times more successful than other types of content. It generates higher engagement rates than both text and image content combined.

If you apply this to products on your website and do some engaging product videos, you’re immediately one step ahead of the competition. 

Types of video content to increase sales

It’s not just product videos that are going to help to increase sales, there’s a huge list of video types that you can add to your arsenal to get the most out of your sales strategy. 

Here are some ideas of how you could be utilising video in your sales strategy.

Product Videos

We’ve already mentioned them, but if your organisation is based around selling products, shockingly enough, a product video is really going to make something stand out and increase sales. 

It is estimated that site visitors who view product videos are 85% more likely to buy the product than those who do not watch a video.

This is because whilst product videos can’t let the customer touch and use the product for themselves, they can do the next best thing – showing the product being used on screen.

Not only that, product videos can also explain a product’s benefits in a clear and concise manner, highlight how one product can be used in conjunction with another offered by the company, and demonstrate a product’s capabilities.

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are essentially what they say they are.

They are used to explain a service, a product, process, or just about anything really. 

They allow sales teams to highlight what it is they can offer in a succinct and engaging way. 

If there’s a complicated process that may take a while to go through, an explainer video really might be the secret sauce. 

Take a look at a real life example in this portfolio piece. Peter, in charge at RBW, was having to spend a lot of time drawing the process himself onto a whiteboard. He’s a lovely bloke, but drawing may not be as natural to him as replacing classic car engines with electric engines. 

As such, he saved himself a huge amount of time and effort, made the process look better and didn’t have to lose a valuable bit of information from his sales/investment pitches. 

Away from all that, the video is also used to drive traffic (pardon the pun) to his website and used across social media to engage with his connections. 

Case Study and Testimonial Videos

People buy from people. 

Everyone understands the importance of reviews, but a video testimonial is the next level up from that.

If people can actively see someone waxing lyrical about you, an element of trust is created.

Aside from that, you can show your product/service in action and real life examples of people who’ve used it. 

Sales and Marketing – BFF’s

Marketing departments should be using all over your company website and social media channels to generate leads and increase sales. 

If they aren’t, as a salesperson, you need to get onto them ASAP. 

Video has been proven to make you more discoverable on Google, increase website traffic, increase lead generation and increase your social media engagement. 

What does this all eventually do? You guessed it; increase sales.

If you do anything today; send this link to your marketing department. 


What do your customers want to see? 

Put yourself in the mind of the consumer. If you were going to buy something, think about how you’d like to see it in action or what important features you want to explore. 

Keep it as succinct as possible

Don’t drag it out and run the risk of boring everyone! Show off the key bits and don’t try to fill time. 

Acknowledge pain points

You should have a decent idea of what your customers’ pain points are. What problem are they trying to solve? Acknowledge it and answer the question of how you can help. 

Include a call to action

Don’t just leave it at the end of the video. A simple splash screen at the end will suffice, just to encourage people to get in touch with you and carry on the conversation. If you want to increase sales, where’s the logic in ending suddenly?

To Conclude

We aren’t saying that having a video will immediately increase sales; it needs to be used in conjunction with good content strategy and consistency across your digital channels.

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