How to increase website traffic with video

Your website is your hub of all marketing operations. It’s essential to your marketing strategy to have a nice looking website that loads quickly and tells your visitors everything they need to know, but they take a lot of time and a lot of effort to get right. 

So what’s the point in any of it if you aren’t getting any website traffic? 

Ultimately, you want people getting on your website and then converting to full blown customers. 

The beauty of websites is that people from all over the world can visit and put you on the map everywhere. 

So, how can you increase your website traffic? 

Video, SEO, PPC, great website content?

All of the above and more! 

In this blog, we’ll look at how you can utilise video in each of these facets to increase your website traffic. 


It seems like a simple thing to take note of, but you’d be surprised at how many people ignore the fact that YouTube is owned by Google. 

Google actively wants people to include YouTube embedded videos on their website, going to the point that it will reward those who do with higher search engine rankings. 

SEO Inc. reports that video is 50x more likely to get organic ranking than plain text alternatives. 

Not only your website pages, but imagine this for blog posts and the perpetual effect it’ll have on your website. 

Simply aim for one blog post a week and you’ll be ahead of most of the competition. 

SEO on Video

The beauty of using YouTube to embed videos is that it gives you an extra layer of SEO capability. 

You’ll be well versed on keywords and whatnot; the YouTube descriptions and titles give you the option to get some more on your website. 

Not only that, your videos could then appear in Google searches! 


Paid ads are a great, and very simple, way to increase your website traffic.

You should have an extensive keyword list relevant to your business. Attach this to your paid advertising and watch the website traffic come flooding in. 

But how is video relevant here?
Simples! Start running a video ad campaign. 

Video ad campaigns will ensure that an engaging video is shown to your target audience, showcasing your organisation in the best possible light. 

Not only are video ads brilliant value for money, they’re also excellent for precise targeting.

Interests, job type, age and demography can all be used as parameters within video ads, so you can ensure that the right people are seeing your advert. 

It could be a general corporate video that introduces people to your organisation, or it could be a service/product video for something specific. 

With a solid call to action on these videos and a final link to your website, it’s a surefire way to increase your website traffic. 

Though it’s going to cost you more money, PPC generates twice the amount of website visitors than SEO. 

Not to say that SEO should be discarded, it absolutely should not, but PPC will generate results quickly.

Digital Content

Streamlining all of your digital content and including video is rapidly becoming essential for your marketing strategy. 

The world is moving towards something completely digital, so you need to keep pace, or risk getting left behind. 

Your website and YouTube aren’t the only places to use video content; utilise your social media channels! 

LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google My Business, Pinterest and TikTok are all platforms that you can use to show off your organisation and link people to your website. 

You don’t have to drastically change all of your video content for each platform (though we may recommend considering the different sizes), in fact you can use one video across each of them, as long as it’s eye-catching and explains your message. 

Email marketing is another platform to utilise if you want to get the most out of your digital content strategy. 

You can include a wide array of types of digital content and you know that it will be going to people that have interacted with you before.

New product or service? Great case study? Show it off! Send it to your distribution list and remind them of how good you are at what you do. 

If the video is too large to embed into an email, make a quick GIF of a good section, embed that in the email and link back to your website. They click on the link, boom, they’re on your website. They read the incredible blog post accompanying the video, boom, they wanna see more. Boom, they’re searching round your website. Boom, your analytics show increased website traffic. Or, even bigger boom, you get an enquiry. 

Ultimately, improving your digital content and SEO will increase your website traffic in the long run and ensure that your website will attract the right audience. 

PPC ensures quick results, as well as the right audience, but isn’t as sustainable and will cost more than SEO. 

Video is central to getting the most out of each of these facets and will go a long way to increasing your website traffic. 

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