Is Animation Right for My Video?

Have you ever noticed how much choice we have nowadays?

If you have, you’ll probably know that at times it can feel a little overwhelming.

Supermarkets now seem to stock about 100 different cereals*, Netflix has so much great TV on tap you can’t possibly hope to watch all of it, and placing an order at Subway basically feels like you’re taking a multiple-choice exam with all the options they throw at you.

Sadly, here in 2019 the world of video can bring about similar levels of confusion.

Talking heads videos, motion graphics, personalised videos, 2D animations, aerial videography, 3D animations etc etc…these are all great things, but which one is the right one for you to utilise for your organisation’s next video?

Well, in this post we’re going to talk about animation and three of its benefits.

If the requirements for your next video tallies with any of these, you may just have your answer…


Some organisations reside in sectors which are – let’s be honest with each other – a wee bit Dusty Bin.

A five minute video about the legal ins and outs of inheritance tax for an accountancy firm (no disrespect, accountants!) probably isn’t going to get pulses racing like Kelly LeBrock in ‘Weird Science’ did** no matter how you dress it up.

Utilising animation for this video however can make it more accessible to the viewer and assist in simplifying and explaining particularly complex bits.

Remember – the whole video doesn’t have to be animated! Just the incorporation of animated text every now and again will help explain things…and hopefully stop people falling asleep.


We’re all about being brave with video and making yourself stand out from the crowd, and animation is a really great medium to use to force yourself to do this.

This is because there are things you can do with animation which are either difficult or downright impossible to achieve using “traditional” video.

Using an abstract idea for your next video might be a bit of a risk – particularly if it’s unlike anything you’ve ever done before with your marketing endeavours.

With risk comes reward, however. After all, how are you going to stand out from your competitors if you’re just making the exact same videos they are?


Last but not least, animation is the most flexible form of video production.

What do we mean by that?

Well, your organisation might create a video which works for the “here and now” but becomes outdated the second it goes through a rebranding exercise e.g. the work shirts in the video now aren’t being worn on the shop floor, the company’s logo has been changed etc.

With a “traditional” video, this means a new video with new filming and new costs.

With an animation however, necessary tweaks such as the altering of logos and fonts can be made promptly and subtly at a fraction of the cost – ensuring your video remains usable for the foreseeable!

So, there’s three reasons why animation might just be the thing for your next video.

Need more guidance? If so, we’re always happy to help, so why not get in touch with us via our Contact page today?


* Which is weird because surely everybody just eats Coco Pops – the Undisputed Cereal King?

** There’s a reference for the teenagers

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