Is there a way I can get video stills?

We’re here to answer a frequent question that we get asked quite a lot and that is  – is there a way I can get video stills? So hopefully this video will give you an answer to your question. 

You may want stills from your video because you need to show a certain piece of equipment or you want to use an image for social media. Of course we can provide screenshots of certain points within the video however these won’t be as high quality compared to us actually using a photography camera on set.

Still images are a great way of getting the most from the filming aspect of your product. 

So how do we take stills from your recorded footage?

1) We would use our editing software to export any images that you want from your footage. 

2) We can go in frame by frame which ensures we get the precise point you want. 

3) Let’s say you want this still here we go to the top right corner and export this exact frame out typically as a png which is a high quality image format and is versatile for you use. 

When we are on a shoot, we are sometimes asked if we can take still images with our camera. One of the main things to point out is that the cameras we use for filming are purely video cameras so don’t have the ability to take images.

Nevertheless, we usually have a photography camera with us so we can take any photography that you want through that. If this is something you know you want at the beginning of the project, then ensure you inform us prior to filming to allow time to capture any specific pieces of equipment or people you would like us to photograph. 

It is easy enough for us to take still images from the footage after filming however if you want higher quality images or if you want to stage some shots then this should be discussed at the beginning of the project. 

If you have any questions about gaining video stills from your production or end product then feel free to contact a member of Stone’s Throw and we can talk through what is best.

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