How involved will I have to be in the making of a corporate video production?

Welcome to this blog where we answer the question: “how involved will I be in the making a corporate video production?” The first thing to say is that it really depends on the company that you are working with, so everything in this blog is about how we do it at Stone’s Throw Media which should be a pretty good guide for how we think most video production companies do it. 

Hands off approach

Ultimately, you’re the customer and some customers like to be hands off. They are happy for us to carry on and update them at key moments in the production process, like the script, the filming process and the post-production process. 

Hands on approach

Some customers like to be really, really involved. So they want to have a say in what the script says, or what some of the questions are (if it’s an interview piece), how certain shots are filmed and the editing process (they may even come in to see how the edit is unfolding in office and tuck into some biscuits with cups of tea). Often, if there are multiple people involved, it can slow the process down – but one person taking a hands on approach can help to put their mind at ease and get the exact result they’re looking for.

Do your homework

If you pick the right company, they’ll be able to make your video a success, taking you from point A to point B and you can still choose to be involved as much as you see fit. See if they have any reviews, look at the quality of their portfolio, how reliable are they at answering the phone? 

Trust the experts

Essentially when you start making a video, whether it be something that you have to film or an animation, you have to trust the company that you are hiring. 

If you’re having building work done on your house, you know what the extension will be, what room it will be, roughly where it is, but in terms of how you get there, you have to leave that to the experts and the people that know what they’re doing. Sometimes they can give you ideas of what you can do that you’d never thought of whereas sometimes they have to give you a reality check saying, “You cannot have an extension on your house that big, that’s ridiculous.”

Well, that’s kind of the same way as it works with video. If somebody says, “Oh, we want to film this great big aerial scene in London and we want 30 people in the shot and we want Leonardo DiCaprio in it.” Well, we’re going to have a bit of a reality check because we can’t do that. However, we also might inject some of our own ideas and different ways we can approach it.

You can be involved as much as you like in the creation of a corporate video production – but remember, you are hiring a video production company that does this day in day out. So they’re going to have plenty of ideas and plenty of different methods that will be suitable for what you need. 

We hope you found this blog useful in learning how involved you’ll be with a corporate video production! Head over to our knowledge section for more topics on everything to do with corporate video production and animation and if you have any questions feel free to contact us here

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