My Favourite Project (Patrick)


Welcome to the fourth instalment of our ‘My Favourite Project’ series of blog posts!

We love every client we work with and every project we tackle here at Stone’s Throw, but for our team there are usually one or two projects which stand out above the rest as personal favourites.

In this series, we’ll be asking each member of Team STM to share with you their favourite project to date, and reveal why it’s their Number One.

This time around we’re hearing from our Word Wizard, Patrick!

Who was our client for this project?

For this project our client was the Tame Valley Wetlands Landscape Partnership (TVWLP).

This is a lottery-funded scheme led by the Warwickshire Wildlife Trust to oversee the Tame Valley Wetlands – an area of over 1,000 hectares between Birmingham and Tamworth.


Could you tell us about the client’s initial brief for this one?

We have been fortunate enough to work with TVWLP on a number of projects and they’ve all come with interesting initial briefs.

For this project in particular however, the brief was to create a promotional film for the area – an engaging effort designed to get local residents and visitors excited about the wetlands.

To fulfil this brief we had to create a video which not only showcased the area visually, but also informed viewers about the site’s facilities, history, and some of the individual locations based within it (such as RSPB Middleton Lakes and Tamworth Castle).

What part did you play in tackling this brief, and how did you go about it?

I am the resident writer here at Stone’s Throw, so one aspect of my job is tackling the scripts for any videos which need them (these scripts can be for spoken voice-overs or on-screen text).

For this project, I worked closely with the team at TVWLP to write a script for the voice-over which would nail the elements of the brief mentioned above.

This one really wasn’t easy to write! Here at Stone’s Throw we have project management software which provides us with a space to write updates and other notes about every project.

Looking back on this project, here’s what I wrote on there just after I had completed my first draft of this script:

“Hoo boy, this one was a toughie to write. I don’t think I’ve quite nailed it yet, but I’ve sent a first draft over”

Thankfully I like a challenge (and fantastic feedback/input from our clients!) and after a bit of tweaking I was able to come up with a finished version of the script that both I and the team at TVWLP were happy with!

Why do you think that this one is your favourite project so far?

I think that this one is my favourite project so far for a number of reasons.

Firstly, this project is a little different to our usual endeavours. We’re a B2B company, so the majority of our output is promoting other organisations or aspects of their businesses.

We love making those videos of course, but this one just felt a little bit special when you consider it was a promotional film of an area.

Secondly, this project managed to tick two of my “interest boxes” – history and nature.

I love history, so to write a script which references the Ice Age (the area’s formation period) and sites of historical interest such as Tamworth Castle and Middleton Hall was a lot of fun.

I love nature too – I’m a member of the Shropshire Wildlife Trust (humblebrag), and every time I watch this video the footage of the otter always makes me smile. Just look at its little face!

Finally, my colleagues Sarah and Tom did an amazing job with the footage they captured for this video – including the aerial shots they took with our drone.

I can pretend that my script for the voice-over is what makes this video brilliant, but deep down I know it’s the stunning footage the guys managed to capture which makes this effort one of the best videos we’ve ever done (in my humble opinion).


So there you have it – my favourite project. Have a watch of our promotional film and see what you think, and don’t forget to find out more about the project via our portfolio piece right here!

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