Our Covid-19 protocol

Our Covid-19 protocol as a video and animation production company

Here at Stone’s Throw Media we’ve taken steps to ensure we can operate safely for our team, customers and the community. So what exactly is our Covid-19 protocol? As our video above explains our steps include:

1) Considering each shoot on a case by case basis
If we deem it to be unsafe we will suggest ways to make it safe and if that is not possible, we may have to find another method

2) Ensuring we only have staff who are fit and healthy to work
Anyone feeling unwell will self isolate following the government guidelines – having an in house team means we can cover each other on our shoots meaning if one person cannot make it, someone else can

3) Wearing masks
Everyone has masks provided to them to ensure they can operate safely

4) Keeping 2m apart from customers and talent
By using longer lenses, different audio set ups and alternative methods we can keep our distance and achieve high end results

5) Using hand sanitiser regularly
We come equipped with sanitiser on shoots and have stations set up in our office – every day the office is cleaned and door handles sprayed with disinfectant

6) Cleaning our equipment before and after shoots
We’re cleaning our equipment to help mitigate any risk of infection spreading and believe that this additional step is helpful

7) Working remotely on admin, editing and animation where possible
This approach allows us to keep apart in the office, means we can carry on remotely and keeps us all safe

So there you have it, there is our covid-19 protocol. We’re doing our best to protect everyone and serve our customers with high end videos and animations. 

If you would like a video, an animation or your own covid-19 protocol in video form why not fill out the contact form and get in touch today?

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