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Black Country Chamber Awards
December 6, 2017   |    Patrick Campbell
Want to see how we got on at the 2017 instalment of the Black Country Chamber of Commerce Awards? If so, join us right here!
The Creative Process of Animation
November 15, 2017   |    Jamie Cartwright
Join our animator Jamie for this very special blog post where he takes you through the animation process step-by-step!
The Haven Walk
October 19, 2017   |    Patrick Campbell
Join us as we tell you all about how we did some “steppin’ out" for a charity walk organised by The Haven Wolverhampton!
Old Drone vs New Drone
September 13, 2017   |    Patrick Campbell
We have a new drone for our aerial videography services! Join us as we discuss the differences between our old drone and our new one!
What Not To Wear On Camera
August 30, 2017   |    Patrick Campbell
Join us as we give you the ultimate lowdown on what you definitely shouldn't be wearing when next on camera!
Everything You Need To Know About Video Length!
June 14, 2017   |    Patrick Campbell
When it comes to videos, we believe that the shorter the better. Join us as we delve into the tricky subject of ideal video length in more detail here!
Facebook Cover Videos
May 25, 2017   |    Matt Weston
Facebook isn’t one to rest on its laurels, which is why it's introducing a new feature - Facebook Cover Videos. Join us as we tell you all about them here!
Our Video Production Services
May 10, 2017   |    Matt Weston
For this blog post we wanted to pick out a select few of our clients and reveal a bit about them and how our video production services were of assistance!
Dogs Trust Behind The Scenes Video
July 20, 2017   |    Patrick Campbell
In this blog entry we turn our attention to a behind the scenes video we created for our day of filming at Dogs Trust Evesham!
Regeneration of Wolverhampton
April 26, 2017   |    Patrick Campbell
As proud residents of the city itself we take a look at the regeneration of Wolverhampton currently taking place here!
What is the Best Animation For My Business?!
April 20, 2017   |    Richard Franks
Ever wondered which type of animation would best suit your business? Join us as we discuss this and much more in this blog entry!
Viral Videos – Beware!
April 12, 2017   |    Patrick Campbell
In this blog we’ll discuss the potential impacts of viral video, and why video production companies should never sell you a video with the idea of it going viral.
Business Buzzwords
April 5, 2017   |    Patrick Campbell
Join us as we list our top ten dreaded business buzzwords and tell you why you need to stop using them immediately!
A guide to licensing music in corporate video
March 10, 2017   |    Richard Franks
In this blog we’ll discuss your options when looking at licensing music for your corporate video - plus what to do when you can’t license the ideal track.
Explained: What are motion graphics?
February 28, 2017   |    Richard Franks
We’ve worked on and seen the use of motion graphics in tricky explanatory guides and ‘how to’ videos – but what actually are motion graphics?
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