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Professional Voice-overs
September 13, 2015   |    Matt Weston
Why are voice-overs from professional voice actors important for your videos? We discuss that very question - and more - right here!
HeadStart Wolverhampton Filming
August 14, 2015   |    Matt Weston
Read all about our filming work for the national “HeadStart” initiative right here!
Promotional Drone Video
July 23, 2015   |    Matt Weston
See how our drone got on when we took it on a little tour right here!
Responsive Design
June 2, 2015   |    Matt Weston
Let us tell you what responsive design is, and why it's vital for your website!
WWFC 2D Animation
May 27, 2015   |    Matt Weston
We created a 2D animation for Wolves FC. Let us tell you all about it right here!
Professional & Bespoke Music
March 13, 2015   |    Matt Weston
Why should you use professional and tailor made music for your videos? Join us as we discuss these questions - and more - right here!
Subtitles and British Sign Language
January 23, 2015   |    Matt Weston
Ever thought about having subtitles on your videos? If so, join us as we discuss what they are and why you could need them right here!
Script Writing
December 13, 2014   |    Matt Weston
Join us as we take a look at the script writing stages you’ll need to go through to create a fantastic video!
DRONES Throw Media – Aerial video & aerial photography UK
October 28, 2014   |    Matt Weston
Stone’s Throw Media…or Drone’s Throw Media?! Read about our drone’s launch event here!
Video Production Company – Things To Look For!
August 12, 2014   |    Matt Weston
Let us tell you what to look for when choosing which video production company to approach!
Price vs Cost – Video Production
July 31, 2014   |    Matt Weston
Price vs cost – yes, there is a difference! Find out what it is right here!
Working with a Production Company
July 17, 2014   |    Matt Weston
Ever wondered what work experience at Stone’s Throw is like? Well wonder no more!
Great TV Adverts
July 2, 2014   |    Matt Weston
What makes a great TV advert? Find out what we think here!
Importance of Music
June 26, 2014   |    Matt Weston
Don’t overlook the importance of the music in your video!
DJI S1000 Drone
June 16, 2014   |    Matt Weston
Let us tell you all about our brand new DJI S1000 drone right here!
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