Where should we film, at our studio or your base?

We like to plan our clients’ video shoots in advance in order for them to run as smooth and efficiently as possible. One of the key parts of pre-production is sorting a location for us to film said video. Depending on the subject matter we may get asked the question: should we film at yours or our studio? 

This question is dependent upon the type of footage we are capturing for the video. For instance, if we were filming a case study about your business that made industrial products it wouldn’t make sense to film it at our studio. It comes back to the purpose of the video and what message you are trying to convey to your target audience. 

With most case study videos, we film at the location of the company or individual because everything that is in the background shot adds to the story we are trying to tell. We can capture an interview with an interesting background whilst getting relevant cutaways.

We typically suggest filming at our studio if we are looking to film a type of video that involves an interview or piece to camera. This could be a section of a larger video or a video in itself. If a video requires a reshoot we would suggest our location as it is normally the interview or piece to camera that needs to be redone. 

Why would you want to film at our studio?

The benefit of filming at our location is that we are able to have the cameras and lights ready for when you arrive. Whereas if we came to your business you would, depending on the environment, have to stay with us whilst we have to set up. If you come to us, there isn’t any waiting around so we can use your time as efficiently as possible. There’s a guarantee that we won’t be disturbed by any heavy machinery and obstacles you may get on site, whilst filming in our space. 

Why would you want to film at your business?

The benefit of filming at your business’ location is that we are able to get cutaways of the environment which will all help to add context to the end video. We can capture the ins and outs of your business and still film interviews on site, if your video requires it. The advantage of filming an interview at your location is we could set up in an area that is relevant to the topic which will help put the interviewee into their natural environment. 

The downsides of filming at our studio

Since we can only really film pieces to camera or interviews at our studio, this will mean that the subject in frame may have a simpler background compared to if we filmed them at work. This may be what you are looking for depending on the purpose of your video.

The downside of filming at your business

There are certain elements which we are unable to control such as, if we wanted to film an interview on the shop floor of an industrial company, we can’t stop production and tell people to be quiet. If it is too overpowering we would have to forfeit the great background of the shot for the sake of actually being able to hear the person talking. 

In Conclusion

Once we have a clear understanding of the sort of video you want to create for your business and we have talked through the idea thoroughly, we should be able to decipher whether or not we need to film at your business or ours. Again, this is dependent on the video, if we are creating a video full of cutaways and there may be one or two interviews then it makes sense to film at your location. If it were a quarterly review, meant for internal use then we would advise coming to us as we can dress the set in a way that suits you then your team can walk straight on to the set with no worries and a cup of tea in hand.

It varies with each video concept but if you aren’t sure what would work most efficiently, don’t hesitate to speak to one of the team about what is best.

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