Stone's Throw and Wolves Share Business Tips For Webinar Audience

Stone’s Throw Media joined forces with Wolverhampton Wanderers FC to deliver a webinar business advice session on how to find new opportunities during the current challenging times.

Founder Matt Weston sat “virtually” alongside Russell Jones, general manager of marketing and commercial growth at the Premier League club, to deliver the webinar as part of the City of Wolverhampton’s Relighting Business series.

The two speakers explained how their organisations had adapted during the Covid-19 pandemic while identifying new markets and trends to generate further opportunities for success.

Speaking on behalf of Stone’s Throw Media, Matt explained how he and fellow founding director Mike Chinn moved quickly in response to the rapidly changing business climate following the national lockdown in March.

He said his team had “stayed close” to customers as the restrictions bit into everyday life. “Regardless of contractual obligations, our customers are human beings so we kept in regular dialogue with them to understand what they needed,” he explained.

“People still need what we are offering. We were not able to film but we could offer animation and live streaming services.”

Russell explained how Wolves had been affected beyond games being postponed for the players on the pitch. He said: “Wolves is not just a football club but we have lots of other businesses affected, such as conferences, retail and other parts of the business.”

He said classic games from yesteryear were streamed online, along with interactive quizzes and virtual tours of the stadium, as well as audio productions when the games resumed.

Russell explained how his team have delivered Wolves’ international growth through social media audience increases and engagement with esport stars to reach video gamers.

Matt said Stone’s Throw are currently in the top three percent of video and animation production companies in the West Midlands by number of employees and are aiming to become the biggest in the region.

“Our aim is simple, which is to do good work,” he added. “Our videos have to be good and deliver what the customer is after so they come back to us as there are a lot of companies out there.”

The speakers completed the webinar by answering questions on tips for businesses to grow and the value of social media in shaping strategy through understanding customers. 

Stone’s Throw Media and Wolves have a longstanding relationship, with the video team having produced a number of films and animations for the club as they have progressed to the top seven of the highest division and enjoy a European campaign.

As part of the Wolves in Business and the Relight campaign, businesses of the city and the City of Wolverhampton Council have combined to bring a series of specialist and in-depth webinars.

The session on Wednesday Sept 16 was chaired by Glenn Watts, business development manager at the City of Wolverhampton Council.

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