The best marketing agencies in Warwickshire

Each year at Stone‚Äôs Throw Media we meet with 100s of organisations all over the West Midlands area and beyond about their animation, video production and live event streaming requirements. Even a quick glance at our website will give you a glimpse inside our thoughts and feelings on all things digital marketing, video production, animation and live streaming. Away from all of these, we regularly enter discussions about marketing agencies and other digital services. 

We pride ourselves on our honesty, even when it comes to competitors. We want our customers to have as much knowledge as possible. We are never ones to shy away from competition! 

In no particular order, here is a list of some of the best marketing agencies in Warwickshire that have a solid history. 

1. Pixated

With three bases in London, Manchester and Warwickshire, Pixated is a marketing agency that offers PPC services and web design. 

2. ADA Digital

As well as full digital marketing, ADA offers consultancy services and web design. They are also a Google ads partner. 

3. Spaghetti Agency

Standing out from other marketing agencies with an aesthetic based around the old American west and a great looking website, Spaghetti offers a full range of marketing services as well as training workshops.  

4. Freestyle Agency

With a wide range of services and clients, Freestyle has won a load of awards and worked in different sectors. 

5. gibsonhaus

Based in Leamington Spa, gibsonhaus provides support in SEO, PPC and digital marketing.

There you have it, five marketing agencies in Warwickshire to consider if you’re getting quotes for any of your marketing projects.

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