How do I turn on subtitles on a video?

Pour them a glass of wine and put some Barry White on? 

No, you sicko! We’re talking about enabling subtitles on a video. It’s another how-to #STMBlog, so buckle up and get your knowledge cap on because you’re about to do some learning. 

Let’s imagine some scenarios. 

Scenario 1

You’ve uploaded a video without an SRT (SubRip Subtitle) file (this is the file format of subtitles), but want to know how to turn the subtitles on, on a platform like YouTube. 

You can use the automatically generated closed captions and can turn them on by pressing the CC button in the player. Easy! But the problem is that automatically generated captions can produce some questionable results. 

Scenario 2

You’ve produced a video and created a separate SRT file containing the subtitles. So in terms of turning them on (not like that), you upload your video and upload the SRT file.

If the video is on a platform like LinkedIn the subtitles will appear when the video auto plays. Across most platforms where you might post your video, there’s normally a CC button which will allow you to toggle the subtitles on or off. You can turn off the subtitles by hitting the CC button again on any of those players.

Scenario 3 – Burned in captions

You can also have burned in captions on your video. This is done during the editing process, where you will have the subtitles put onto your video, so there’s no option to toggle them on or off. 

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