What is the YouTube watermark?

Have you ever wondered what the little circle in the bottom right corner of YouTube videos is? Have you ever stopped and checked if you have a YouTube watermark on your organisation’s videos? It might be time to get to grips with it, because it can be incredibly beneficial for the sharing of your video content. It might even get you to think about what image you use for your YouTube channel photo! 

So you’ve got your brand new, shiny video and you’re watching it over and over on your YouTube channel, then you notice a little circular image in the bottom right corner. It might be the YouTube logo, it might be the logo from your channel. But why is it there and what is it? Spoiler: it’s the YouTube watermark we’re talking about.

If you hover over the video, you’ll notice that it moves up just above the player timeline. This is how you know it’s something YouTube has added on top of your video.

If you click it, it should take you to the channel of the video you’re watching. If you think about this from the perspective of a viewer on your video, they can click the logo and go through to your channel, finding and digging through all of your video content! 

In channel customisation, you can change settings so that the subscribe button appears when you hover over the YouTube watermark. 

Turning on the YouTube watermark is easier than you think:

1. Sign in to your YouTube Studio.

2. From the left menu, select Settings.

3. Select Channel, then within Channel, Branding.

4. Select Choose image and choose which subscribe button image you’d like to use as your

YouTube watermark (either make your own or get one on Google Images).

5. Select the display time for the watermark:

a. End of video: The watermark will show for the last 15 seconds of the video.

b. Custom start time: The watermark will show whenever you choose.

c. Entire video: The YouTube watermark will show throughout the entire video.

6. Save changes.

You can also change the image that appears in the bottom right corner through the YouTube Studio. It can be anything relevant to you or your organisation, so usually your logo is the easiest option. 

You can actually just turn it off if you don’t want anything covering your video, but we suggest that you leave it on because of the potential to increase your subscribers. Having it on means that wherever your video is shared, watched, screenshotted, recorded or whatever, your logo will be on it. 

So hopefully this blog has taught you something about the YouTube watermark is and how you can use it to your benefits. If you have any further questions, do get in touch and we’ll be happy to help. 

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