What makes a good YouTube channel?

What makes a good YouTube channel for a business or organisation?

What do your audience want to know?

Ensure that you are putting up videos that your prospects and customers actually want to watch. Think about what questions do you get asked all the time in your organisation and go about answering those? Between yourself and the team you will have loads of ideas!

Regular content

Simple really – a good YouTube channel requires you to be consistent. Whether that is releasing a video everyday, once a week or once a month. Have a concrete plan of execution. 

Quality over quantity

If you have really thought about the content and it looks brilliant as well, you’re onto a winner. It would be much better to make one good video a week than 5 average ones.

Be yourself

Get the messages across in your way and with your company’s ethos. No need to pretend you’re something you’re not as people see through it anyway. 

YouTube channel TLC

A good YouTube channel needs some love and attention. Make consistent backgrounds, banners, add your logo link to your website, name the video files so that people can understand what they are and put all of your videos into relevant playlists so that they’re in a nice succinct order. 

What are customers searching for?

You’ve probably got a pretty good idea on what you should name the video and what phrases people may search for. You can take the guessing element out of it completely by using Google Keyword Planner, which actually gives you real life data on what people have searched for in the previous months. So you can really use this to your advantage because you can be safe in the knowledge that you are picking out key phrases which are going appear in the title of the video, the description of video, and just increases the chances of it being discovered then what you would have done previously. 

Subtitles and custom thumbnails

For more detail have a look at these videos and articles on subtitles and custom thumbnails respectively. In short, you’re making your video more accessible and discoverable – two things you certainly want to do to ensure more people watch your video content.

So there you have it. If you go make sure you put all of those into practice really consistently, I’ve no doubt you’ll start getting better results and more consistent results on your YouTube channel – and including all of these elements is what makes a good YouTube channel!

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