Why Do Financial Organisations Need Video Productions?

Let’s be honest – we all know that the financial world isn’t always the easiest of things for the average person to wade through. Sometimes, what is needed is for all the complicated jargon surrounding aspects such as mortgages, loans, and everything in between, to be stripped down to its bare bones and simplified as much as possible. But how can financial institutions do this? Well, we think a good way is via video productions.

The really great news, however, is that “simplifying stuff” isn’t the only reason why companies based in the financial sector should utilise the power of video.

Here are four simple reasons why we think that video productions are just the thing for those in the financial world!


We’ll start with the reason mentioned above.

Nobody likes having to encounter those difficult words or head-scratching numbers that can be bombarded at us when we’re dealing with financial matters.

Video – and in particular, animated video – is an invaluable way to help people grasp confusing terminology or numbers.

When it comes to animations, the ball really is in your court. You can make some of the most dry subjects known to man a lot more entertaining with this medium without losing their informative nature.

For example, have a look at this effort we made for the financial consultancy firm Redbourne Wealth Management:

We were approached by the team at Redbourne with a simple brief – to create a video which highlighted the services they can offer their clients in an easy to understand and visually stimulating manner.

Our animation was (if we may say so ourselves!) the perfect way to explain to “the man in the street” as clearly as possible what it is Redbourne do and how they can help individuals.


Consumer trust is often based on one thing – people.

“People buy people” is the saying, and consumers love it if they can peek behind the curtain and find out more about the team which makes up your business.

What better way is there to show off your business and your team than video?

Simple things like showing off your HQ, the people who work there and what they do, team away days or events – these are all ways a company can utilise video to build trust.

The financial industry might be a bit dry, but that doesn’t mean your organisation and team is – so show people!

Have a look at this effort we made for the financial planners Matrix Capital:

The team at Matrix got in touch with us asking if we could create a video for them putting particular emphasis on the friendly nature of the company and the services they offer for their clients.

We think this one did just that!


When it comes to winning new customers or clients, showing them what you can do and who you’ve worked with before is a definite winner.

Rather than just listing all of these examples on a long web page that directors will probably get bored of reading however, why not consider a video?

A short video showing off your past successes may be the difference between landing an important contract or not – so don’t be fooled into thinking that videos just look good and don’t result in tangible benefits!


Did you know that according to Brightcove, video on social media generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined?

Video is the fastest growing content type – and that’s mostly down to how easy it is to watch, digest, and share.

Think of it like a snowball effect – if a video gets shared on Facebook by one person and they do something as simple as pressing ‘like’, this is likely to go into the news feed of one of their friends. If they in turn repeat this process then the results can be incredible.

If you work for a financial institution which deals with individuals, this is really important. After all, social media is where your prospective customers are!

Creating videos which get shared socially is a really terrific way to increase your brand awareness to a truly global audience.


So, there’s four reasons why financial companies should be using video productions.

We bet you can think of at least another one too! If you can, why not let us know via our social media channels? The buttons for those are below!

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