Why Do Housing Providers Need Video

You probably know by now that here at Stone’s Throw we truly believe that companies and organisations across all sectors should be using video production for a multitude of beneficial reasons.

In this blog post however we want to focus on one sector in particular – that of the housing industry.

There’s no doubt it’s a biggie – at the time of writing there are five UK housebuilders listed on the FTSE 100 Index – and there’s no doubt that using videos effectively is something that these organisations really need to be doing!

Why’s that? Well, here’s three good reasons why…


We’ll start with the obvious.

Video is the best medium to use to show something, and for those in the sector who build homes, the number one thing to show to the world are its new houses and housing developments.

If you work for a housebuilder, you may know that your new development is perfect for first-time buyers and located in an ideal area for those with young families or those who need amenities close by.

You can certainly tell them this via text, but a much better idea would be to show them through a video – like in this good example from Redrow:

Remember, according to Animoto, 80% of millennials – the generation who are now stepping onto the property ladder – consider video content when researching a purchase decision.

Housing providers can’t afford to lose out on that many potential customers!


CSR endeavours are becoming increasingly important for organisations across all sectors – with the housing industry being no exception in this regard.

Nowadays potential customers are looking for more than just well-built houses. Instead, they’re looking for companies who also show consideration for issues affecting local communities and who act upon them for the benefit of society.

Returning to the “show rather than tell” theme, the utilisation of video is a fantastic way to showcase an organisation’s CSR work.

An example of this can be found here with this video we made for Redrow about a team of its undergraduates on work placement with the organisation who were tasked with re-generating a garden area at Deeside Community Hospital:

Don’t fall asleep on how putting a spotlight on work in the community can lead to tangible financial benefits however!

A CSR video embedded into a video brochure sent to a local council could be the thing that puts that company ahead of its rivals when it comes to building new properties on a piece of land newly up for development.


Getting onto the property ladder (or moving up it) is a monumental and potentially life-changing step for lots of people.

Unless you live in the north of Greenland where the nearest shop is an hour’s ski trip away, properties aren’t cheap things to acquire – meaning potential customers can be a bit wary about making the step of taking out a mortgage on a residence.

To help combat these “buyer nerves”, housing providers can utilise videos to help build up trust levels between them and their potential customers.

A fantastic example of using video in this way is the “testimonial video” – a filmed endorsement from a customer about how they found the buying experience, what life is like in their new home, and the benefits the location in question provides.

A strong testimonial video – such as the example below – will help to assure potential customers that buying a property from a housing provider will be a big decision, but not a bad decision.

What does this increase in trust between the company and its potential customers mean?

Well, in the long term it leads to higher levels of credibility, engagement, and reputation, which in turn will lead to more customers – something which we think is pretty damn important!

So, there’s three strong reasons why we think housing providers should be using video!

Agree or disagree? Other reasons on your mind?

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