“Why Don’t We Do It Ourselves?”

If you’re a frequent reader of our blog posts, well, you need to get out more.

No, hang on, that’s not what I meant. Sorry. Let’s start again.

If you’re a frequent reader of our blog posts, you’ll know that in most of them we throw a fascinating statistic at you about the power or prevalence of video productions. For example:

Including video on landing pages can increase conversion rates by 80% (Unbounce)

We do this for three reasons. Firstly, to help us hit the minimum word count (“Please see me about this comment” – Matt).

Secondly, to help persuade you that video really is important for businesses and you really should be utilising it.

Thirdly, it’s fun! Did YOU know that 60% of marketers used videos in their social media marketing in 2016? 

You see – every day’s a school day when we’re around!

So let’s say that this bombardment of stats and numbers has worked, and you’re now a convert to video. 

Being a specialist video production company (apologies if this has taken you by surprise, and you’ve always had it in mind that we were a cheese manufacturer or something) this is great news for us….or is it?

Because at this point, you may be thinking this:

“Well, why don’t we just hire someone internally and make these videos ourselves?”

In this blog post we want to tackle this question head on, and explain why whilst there’s certainly nothing wrong with making videos in-house, a lot of the time you should bring in the pros!

Video Production

One of the things we love doing here at Stone’s Throw is providing organisations with training to help them create videos of their own – we love it so much we even have a webpage dedicated to it!

Creating your own videos for your business can be hugely beneficial, and is never something we’d actively discourage.

Testimonial videos from clients, internal videos for cascading messages, interviews with senior management – these are all things you can do yourself armed only with a mobile phone or a DSLR camera and a bit of preparation.

Where specialist video production companies come into their own however are for the videos that we call “high end” – ones which, if you have a look at our graphic, are higher up on the video pyramid than the base layer.


Could you try tackling these videos yourself? Of course! Before you do so, however, it might be worth asking yourself whether you have the following necessities in place:

● Equipment

● Resources

● Time

● Attention to detail

We don’t want to blow our own trumpets too much, but here at Stone’s Throw we use industry-leading filming equipment to capture our footage, we have a talented, experienced team in place, we always put enough time aside to plan a filming shoot properly, and we’re well versed in handling both the filming and editing process for our clients so that nothing gets overlooked.

All of this knowledge and experience adds up to a fantastic looking, effective corporate video. Would the one you make yourself be of the same standard?


It feels like we’re repeating ourselves a bit here, but if you’re a frequent reader of our blog posts, you may recall that last year we penned an article entitled ‘DIY Animation’.

The link to that post is above, but essentially our argument was this – there’s a fantastic animation creator out there called Vyond, which is designed to allow the “normal” person to knock up their own animated efforts quickly and easily.

Using the platform, you can create basic animated videos for your organisation in a range of styles and themes.

But what about higher complexity animations, however? Well, you could purchase software such as Toon Boom and Adobe Animate and have a go yourselves, but those things are expensive and not easy to master.

So it may be that you need to call in the experts, and our animation team really are (if we may say so ourselves) experts in their field.

Passionate, experienced, professional, qualified, paying-me-to-write this – our animation team are capable of creating animated efforts which will be just what your organisation is looking for.

In conclusion, the world of video production isn’t too dissimilar to household DIY.

You can wallpaper your living room, knock up an IKEA cabinet, or fit a door through to the utility room. Eventually, however, a job will crop up where you’ll need the help of a professional.

And that’s where we can help, so why not give us a call today?

(To make a video production for you. Not to fit your new boiler. We can’t do that)

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