Will my video production be outdated?

Once we have produced the video for a business and they are happy with it, a lot of company’s first thoughts are ‘will my video become outdated?’. There are many ways we can ensure your video doesn’t become outdated, and hopefully we can highlight how below. 

Staff who have left

One of the key factors that could mean your video could become outdated is if it included any colleagues that aren’t working for you anymore. Nevertheless, this isn’t to say the video isn’t fixable. If there is a colleague in a cutaway we can easily edit them out and replace them with another cutaway that we were able to capture. If the person who has left was interviewed, we can cut them out and see if anyone else that was interviewed said anything similar to their points. If no one else answered with similar points, then we could possibly change the video so it is about a different subject in order to repurpose the video.  On the other hand, customers who watch your video may not know that person who has left directly therefore your video could be perfectly fine to leave as it is. 

Statistics have changed

Another way in which your video may become outdated is if it includes any specific data. Of course this video can be used for its initial purpose as that was what was commissioned, but if you want to push it out again 6 months later however the statistics have changed, we could easily change this if it was an animation. We include a lot of businesses’ statistics in the form of animation or graphics as the viewer can both read and hear this key information therefore it is rare for us to film any ‘data’ on site as it is trickier to do. Ultimately this means that key stats can be altered easily to fit your purpose. 

New buildings and premises

There have been instances where we have gone back to a business and re-filmed certain facilities and cutaways to add to an existing video. This saves a business from re-filming similar shots when they were happy with their original product to begin with anyway. Also, if they have a small budget but want to reuse their product then this is a cost effective way for them to do so.  

For instance, we were asked to change both text elements and refilm certain facilities at the University campus inorder for this video to be used again a year later:


Another factor which may mean you want to update your videos could be that your business has had a rebrand. So if your logo, font and colours have changed we can easily amend these if it’s a case of changing the ident, lower thirds and backgrounds. This becomes a bit trickier if it is in the background of footage that we have filmed or potentially on clothing or buildings. We can look through all of our cutaways and carry any editing that is required to bring the video up to date. If we are unable to mask out a logo for example, then this may require us to come back to your business and re-film a few shots. 

In Conclusion

Ultimately, we can do as much as we can in the post production stage to ensure that your video doesn’t become outdated. If it can’t be fully updated in editing, we can discuss and see if your video needs any reshoots in order to update and enhance your video. 

So there you have it – videos can become outdated but they can be fixed through the power of editing and possibly a reshoot. 

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