Freelance support

Here at Stone’s Throw Media we sometimes have opportunities for freelance support. Naturally with filming we sometimes need a bigger crew, or with tight deadlines we sometimes require support with editing as well.

We also have freelance opportunities for animation/graphic design, as occasionally we need support to ensure we stay on track with deadlines!

So, what are we looking for?


Someone comfortable using Canon C300 cameras, gimbals and capturing good audio on site – whilst making customers feel at ease in the process. Someone with strong experience in editing video using Final Cut Pro X, who can drive, and has a great attitude and can fit in with our team.


Someone who is comfortable with designing and creating motion graphics, conceptualising ideas, storyboarding, typography, infographics and creating colourful digital animations. Experience with Adobe Illustration tools and Flash based animation software (such as Toon Boom, Flash, After Effects or TV Paint) necessary.

If this sounds like you we’d love to hear from you! Please get in touch via

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