Freelance Opportunities

Here at Stone’s Throw Media we sometimes have opportunities for freelance support in our video production, animation, and writing teams.

Video Production

We sometimes need a larger filming crew than usual on certain projects, and due to tight deadlines we sometimes require additional support with editing too.

We’re looking for someone comfortable using Canon C300 cameras, Steadicam Rigs, and capturing good audio on site – whilst making customers feel at ease when filming.

We’re looking for someone who has experience editing video using Final Cut Pro X, who can drive, and someone who has a great attitude and can fit in with our team.


We occasionally have freelance opportunities available to help ensure we stay on track with animated projects with tight deadlines.

We’re looking for someone comfortable designing and creating motion graphics, conceptualising ideas, storyboarding, and creating colourful digital animations.

Experience with creating typography and infographics would be an advantage – whilst experience using Adobe Illustration tools and Flash based animation software such as Toon Boom, Flash, After Effects, or TV Paint is vital.


We sometimes need a little assistance within our writing team producing fantastic copy for our website and engaging scripts for our videos which need professional voice-overs.

We’re looking for someone passionate about creating engaging copy who is well organised and adept at turning their hand to writing about different topics utilising different styles of writing.

Experience using Microsoft Word is essential, as is experience writing for publications or websites.

Qualifications in English and/or Creative & Professional Writing would be a bonus, whilst proficiency in spelling, punctuation, and grammar is vital.

Does any of this sound like you? If so, please drop us a line at freelancers@stmedia.co.uk

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